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Which precautions to follow after one has undergone spine surgery?

Once the patient has taken up the spine surgery t, then there are some things which he needs to take care of. According to the expert surgeons of the famous orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana, it is very important to follow all the precautionary measures after one has undergone spine surgery in Ludhiana. So in this article, we shall be focusing on the discussion of the important precautionary points that are mandatory to be taken into account after getting treated with spine surgery.

Here are a few points:

• Do not go for the road trip
You are not supposed to go for the road trip since you are not allowed to sit in constant motion for a long period. It will produce a negative impact on your spine health. Not only this but if you are the one who is employed for the sitting job like typing work or any other kind of that, then it is advised that you should take leave for some days as sitting in the stiff motion will cause you to suffer from the unendurable pain.

• A right way to sit
Sitting postures and standing from the seat are very critical things that everybody takes quintessential care of. There are certain sitting postures that the patients should avoid which may include the one in which the individual sits by keeping his knees above the hip. Also, do not suddenly get up from your seat. You should follow a gradual standing process in which first of l all you should move to the end of the seat and slowly get up by putting pressure on your arms and not on your back.

• Do not do these movements
There are certain movements which the individual should completely abstain himself from and which includes the following:
• Lifting
• Twisting
• Pushing and Pulling movements

• Take complete rest
You are suggested to take complete rest unless you will end up straining yourself which will lead you to severe pain which you may find unendurable.

• Use the roll log method
You must be given some information regarding the roll log method. It involves the bedding and keeping of the knees together. You should particularly take care of one thing that you are not rolling to one side in a specific motion. Twisting of the spine should completely be avoided. Now push in the upward direction and try to place the legs at the end of the bedside to get a proper seated position.

• A good lifestyle
By a good lifestyle, we mean taking sound sleep and trying to incorporate healthy items into the dietary routine. The diet is of significant importance as far as speedy recovery is required.

• Do not sleep for longer horse
No doubt you are suggested to take complete rest. But this does not surely mean that you are supposed to sleep the whole day. Do not interfere with your ideal sleeping cycle.

Bottom Line
Negligence in the following of any f aforesaid points will only cause considerable delay in your recovery. So it is your call whether you want to follow the instructions or you want to stay in bed for a longer time.


Back Pain back surgery

Guide on chronic back pain symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment

At some point in our lives, we all have suffered from back pain. Sometimes, the person faces the problem to the extent that they need to visit the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana and get the necessary treatment for the same. The doctor provides the Chronic Back Pain Treatment in Ludhiana by determining the reason for the problem.

What is the cause of back pain?

In most cases, the reason for back pain is due to mechanical damage because of prolonged poor posture and excessive stress. The way you live your daily regime will also make a lot of difference and trigger the issue of back pain. Sometimes the work-life increases the risk of herniating the disk. When the excess pressure is put in the disk the pain can trigger. Some of the mechanical situation of the spine like:

  • Disk Disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Back Strain Disk herniation

All of these factors account for 98% of cases of back pain. Consult the Orthopaedic surgeon expert and get the treatment at the earliest.

Treatment for chronic back pain

First of all, the Ortho doctor will do a physical examination and check your past medical history. This is the first step to effective care and management for low back pain. The doctor will X-ray and check the reason for back pain. Patients who start physical therapy at an early stage are benefited to a great extent as making changes to their daily routine and following the doctor’s guidelines will reduce the severity of the problem. Research has shown that most of the patients see the improvement with:

  • Physical therapy
  • Physical activity
  • Non-additives and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

The surgical approach is considered in those cases when the patient’s condition does not improve or it is getting severe with time.


What are the preventive measures?

  • Keep your body weight normal
  • Do not smoke
  • Stay physically fit and active


Important Guidelines

Follow these 10 to 20 days after you have started noticing the acute low back pain:

How to sit?

  • Sit for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Sit with a back support
  • Use a stool to rest your foot


How should I drive?

  • You back support while sitting or driving the car
  • Keep the seat close to the steering wheel so that it does not put pressure on it.


How should I Stand?

  • You need to keep your head up, chest forward, shoulders straight, and weight should be balanced on both feet. Hips should be tucked in.
  • Do not stand in the same position for long.
  • The work table should have a comfortable height. If needed, you should adjust it.
  • While standing in the kitchen for a long time, you should rest your feet inside the kitchen cabinet. Try to do this both for both feet for 5 to 15 minutes.


Important consideration

  • Make sure that you do not stoop, squat, and kneel.
  • Try to avoid lifting objects
  • In case, you have to lift something then make sure to have a firm foot.


Back Pain back surgery

When is back surgery considered as the appropriate solution by doctors?

One of the common questions asked by the patients when they visit the Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana is, ‘When is back surgery the right choice?’. In case the pain is related to mechanical issues, then you need to immediately consult the doctor for Spine Surgery In Ludhiana. 

Spinal fusion procedure

During spinal fusion, the surgeon joints large spine bones which are 2 adjacent vertebrae and this is formed in one single unit. One of the common reasons to get fusion is spondylolisthesis in which the vertebrae are misaligned from their position. Through metal screws, it will get the stabilization.

Damaged discs

The need for surgery will improve in case the pain is traced to the spinal disc. In such cases, the procedure is known as a discectomy. The spinal disc becomes stiff and it breaks down & the sides will come out which starts pressing the nerves. They may be herniated (open), which makes them soft. In case, you want immediate pain relief then you can undergo a discectomy.

Surgery for spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a common problem as the spine age. In such cases, the space present around the spinal cord will narrow down. Bone overgrowth and bulging discs often result in narrowing which ultimately presses the nerves and leads to pain.

Patients can try to get relief through pain relievers and physical therapy but sometimes the problem gets in excess that the patient cannot move around. In such a case, surgery is the best choice. The spine surgeon will suggest you get a laminectomy and this helps to reduce pain by 90%.

No slippage? No fusion

Spinal fusion is only the best choice for spinal stenosis if the vertebra has slipped from its place and reached its nearby area. In medical terms. It is referred to as spondylolisthesis. You must talk to the doctor and understand better what should be done to address the issue correctly.

What is conservative care for back pain?

Some of the important measures which you need to take care to manage the existing back pain before you get the surgery:

  • Wait

One of the time-tested ways to deal with back pain is to give time. In most cases, time can help to reduce the pain. But if back pain comes along with symptoms like loss of bowel movement or fever, then you need to consult the doctor right away.

  • Ice and heat are helpful

If the back pain is at an acute stage, then ice can help to lessen the intensity of swelling. After a few days, you should use heat. It helps in providing utmost comfort and blood flow is in the right amount to the injured areas & stiffness is reduced.

  • Take pain medications as needed

Take the pain medications as suggested by the doctor as it will reduce the inflammation and pain. But, make sure that you do not take them in excess.

  • Stay physically

You need to stay physically fit, so it is better that you do not lay all day long. Come out from your bed and walk around.

Knee replacement

What are the different types of knee replacement options available in India?

Types of knee replacement in India, So, you have visited the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana and the doctor has suggested you get a robotic knee replacement. It is important to understand that Spine Surgery In Ludhiana, is suggested to the patients when they do not respond to medications. Well! There are different types of knee replacement options available in India and these are mentioned below:

Total knee replacement

Total knee replacement is the traditional way to repair damaged knees, but with time the treatment has dramatically improved a lot. The advancements have helped the surgery to perform with precision and an artificial knee implant provides mobility as the human knee. As compared to all the treatment options, it is the best and most effective way to address the problem.

How is the TKR performed?

During the surgery, the surgeon removes the damaged bone surface due to osteoarthritis or another issue. Following that they replace the knee with an artificial implant that is right for you. Special surgical instruments are used to cut the arthritic bone with precision and then the implant components are placed correctly.

Success rate

Patients undergoing the surgery are benefited to a great extent. One of the researchers has pointed out that 90% of the patients experience a reduction in pain with improved mobility & movement.

Partial knee replacement

Partial knee replacement (PKR) is also known as unicompartmental knee replacement. Under this surgery, only one part of the knee is replaced and the healthy bone along with soft tissue is preserved. Patients who are eligible to undergo this surgery have osteoarthritis in just one part of the knee. The surgery is going to be done in one of the 3 parts of the disease knee bone which are:

  • The medial compartment located on the inside of the knee
  • The lateral compartment on the outside of the knee
  • The patellofemoral compartment that’s positioned on the front of the knee

Patients undergoing the surgery will have a shorter hospital stay, faster rehabilitation period, and faster recovery.

Types of knee replacement approach

Now comes the need to understand the surgical approach through which the doctor will perform the surgery. The surgeon will check what is right for you between local or general anesthesia. Accordingly, the preoperative planning will be done along with all the medical equipment which are needed during the surgery.

For even better results, the orthopedic surgeon will map out the knee anatomy so that the surgery goes correctly. In addition, it even helps to check which type of special devices or instruments are needed. It is an important part of the process to get increased success. The surgeon will choose from:


Traditional surgery

  • 8- to 12-inch incision
  • 3 to 5 recovery days
  • 12 weeks of recovery time


Minimally invasive surgery

  • 3 to 4 inches incisions
  • Less trauma and faster recovery
  • Better range of motion following recovery



back surgery Spine Surgery

Which precautionary measures to follow after undergoing back surgery?

In the case of orthopaedic surgeries, it is necessary to visit the best orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana. As far as the spine surgery in Ludhiana is concerned, then you should be following the below-mentioned measures:

An important point to know

The recovery time of different back surgeries is different.

Back surgery  Time taken to recover
Discectomy 6 to 8 weeks
Laminectomy 12 weeks
Spinal fusion  6 weeks

Precautions to be taken

The subsequent precautions should be followed after you have undergone the back surgery, If you take these precautions, then you will be assured to get healed at a speedy rate:

  • No BLT

Bending, Lifting and twisting have been presented in the form of the acronyms that you may know that you should be keeping yourself away from such strenuous activity. It is advised that do not practice any of the BLT otherwise you may end up causing the procedure to go in vain. If you think that lifting of the grocery bags or the laundry baskets will not produce that much effect on the back, then you are wrong since it can affect the recovery rate,

  • Squats are suggested

I know that you hate getting dependent on anyone. So we would like to suggest you squatting to pick your things from the floor rather than bending down. So be smart when it is your recovery period.

  • Even smarter

Sometimes your body condition or even physique restricts you to doing squatting. In those cases, you can take the help of the reacher. The reacher will help you to get the things which you want.

  • Footwears

The doctors always suggest that the patient should buy both sturdy slippers and slip shoes to avoid the discomfort which can come up owing to weaning off the socks and shoes.

  • Do not twist your torso

When it is about the torso then make sure that you are not twisting it. Instead, you can try to move your entire body. You should try to align the hips and the shoulders. This instruction should be followed when you are trying to get in and out of your bed and when you are sitting in the car.

Which things should you pay quintessential attention to?

 Don’t get comfortable on the couch:

The predominant problem which is done by the patients after the surgery is that they start spending too much time on the couch because of that the body becomes significantly weaker and stiffer.

  • Keep the joints moving

If you have been guided by the doctor that you are not supposed to move your joints, then you have taken treatment from the wrong doctor. Try to move the joints a little bit.

  • Consult the therapist before the procedure

Make sure to consult the therapist before the procedure since it creates a great impact on the recovery period.

orthopaedic doctor Spine Surgery

How to choose the right orthopaedic doctor for knee replacement surgery?

When the internal parts of the knees get damaged, then knee replacement surgery is taken into account. The knee replacement surgery and spine surgery in Ludhiana are the highest performed surgeries nowadays. The surgery can be carried out manually and robotically. Hujan hospital, the best orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana is the first hospital in entire north India to bring about robotic knee replacement for the first time.

Let’s discuss the variegated factors for choosing the right orthopaedic doctor:

  • Qualifications

Would you like to get treated by a doctor who is not having the right qualifications for performing the surgery? Nobody does. So you must consider the qualification of the orthopaedic doctor. Since the surgeon cannot be eligible to perform the surgery unless he is possessing the required qualifications

  • Training

Along with the qualifications of the doctors, do not forget to check the training of the doctor. The qualified doctors are not eligible to carry out the surgery unless they have been trained under the supervision of the experienced doctor.

  • Skills and experience

The skills can only be polished if the doctor has practised the specific surgery for a considerable time. That is why it takes years of experience for doctors to be called adept in the particular field. Make sure, you are taking the experience of the doctor into account.

  • Check website

The doctor must be practising in a hospital. So you can easily check the reviews on the website and determine whether the hospital is capable of offering you the best and the required treatment. The reviews will help you to know if the patients are satisfied with the outcomes of the procedure.

  • Observe doctor’s behaviour

You can not conclude which doctor to take treatment for unless you have met them. So the initial consultation here plays a major role. So whenever you feel like that particular doctor might be the kind you are finding, do not judge him instantly. Wait till you meet him. And notice the following:

  • Is the doctor listening to you?
  • Is the doctor offering the relevant answers to your questions?
  • Is he putting an effort to address your queries?
  • Is he only praising his hospital?
  • Is the doctor polite in his verbal dealings?
  • Is the doctor forcing you to take treatment from him?
  • Is the doctor offering you thorough knowledge about the procedure?
  • Your budget

The doctor would provide you with the quote for the knee replacement surgery in the initial consultation. Now it will be your call to determine whether the particular quote is convenient for you.

  • The reputation of the hospital

The reputation of the hospital must be taken into account since it matters a lot. If we talk about Hunjan hospital, we have attempted to maintain a reputation by satisfying our customers with the procedures and not giving them a chance to complain against the treatment approach.

orthopaedic orthopaedic doctor Spine Surgery

Which are the 7 topmost important tips to choose an Orthopedic surgeon?

Top tips to select the Orthopedic Surgeon, You need to visit the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana to get the best treatment plan. Through inventive ortho treatment, the recovery time is short and fewer complications. Undergoing Spine Surgery In Ludhiana will help you live a healthier and active life.

Top tips to select the Orthopedic Surgeon

Tip 1: Take recommendations

You should ask for referrals from your close ones like family, primary care physician, and physical therapist. The person who needs to get knee surgery needs to choose someone whom you can trust. With your loved ones you can get the right feedback and this way, the surgery is done with the best approach.

Tip 2: Go through surgeon credentials

You need to choose the surgeon who has the best credentials. This way you will be able to choose someone who is reliable and who has performed the surgery with perfection. You need to check the surgeon’s overall experience. Some of the things you need to consider are:

  • The surgeon needs to be board-certified
  • The surgeon who has done proper training
  • Check the surgeon background and degrees

Tip 3: Go through his experience

Knee replacement specialists are not only advanced in his field, but he has an understanding of new techniques, devices, and knows the latest surgical treatment which will give you quality care. His years of experience will help him to handle every situation and even high-risk cases. So, choose the surgeon who has completed many successful surgeries.

Tip 4: Go to the surgeon hospital

Once you have a selection of surgeons, it is better that you meet them directly. By doing so, you can discuss your situation with them. The ortho surgeon will listen to all your doubts, go through your medical history and give you enough information about the surgical approach which is best for you. Choose the surgeon who makes you feel comfortable.

Tip 5: Check the surgical equipment options

You should check whether the surgical equipment they use is up-to-date or not. The combination of quality equipment and surgeon expertise will pave the road to successful results. It means your problem will be solved correctly.

Tip 6: Get an understanding of the cost

When it comes to choosing the surgeon, you should be careful about the cost. Ask the doctor about the treatment cost and what factors will be included to determine it. You should ask him about the medications, physical therapy, or any other related cost which will be included in it. This way you don’t have to bear any unwanted expenses.

Tip 7: The second opinion is helpful

Your health needs the best care. Sometimes you should ask for a second opinion as all the crucial decisions need to be taken wisely. Make sure that nothing is done in a hurry. This way you can get an invaluable insight into the best treatment plan.

orthopaedic Spine Surgery

Tips to choose the best orthopedic surgeon and hospital

Punjab: The term hearing the ‘surgery’ can make people stressed as different questions come to their mind. Before you prepare yourself to get the surgery, you need to pick the best surgeon and hospital. When you visit the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana you will be given in-depth knowledge about the treatment and your condition is checked to give you an effective surgical approach. When you are looking for the best spine hospital for undergoing Spine Surgery In Ludhiana, here are the key indicators that you need to look upon. Always makes an educated decision for the betterment of your health.

Tips to choose the best Spine surgeon and hospital

  • Infection rate

When you are picking the hospital to get surgery, you need to check the infection rate. In case, the infection rate is high then it can greatly impact the success results. Some of the factors which increase the infection rate are:

  • What is the total time to do surgery?
  • What type of anesthesia is given?
  • Is the surgical environment sterilized or not?
  • Is effective care like cleaning hands is done or not?
  • Are antibiotics given before surgery?


  • Total count of surgery

When making the choice, you should always choose the surgeon and hospital who have performed the surgery you are looking for, like knee replacement surgery. If the hospital doctors do not perform such surgery, then do not choose them. When the surgeon performs the surgery for a long time it makes them experienced and it makes it easier for you to get the best results.

  • Training

The surgeon or hospital you choose should have an adequate amount of training which leads to increased accuracy. As the surgeon keeps on practicing it helps them to perform the surgery with precision.

  • Patient experience

Always choose the hospital which provides the patient with the best care. Be it, visitor or patient, both of them need to be given the best care. To make the best choice you need to visit different hospitals so that you can make sure you have opted for the best surgeon and hospital. Do not neglect small things as they can affect the surgery outcomes. It is essential to judge the hospital on small details.

  • Success outcomes

Always look for the hospital whose success rate is higher. Accordingly, you need to choose the surgeon and hospital. To check the hospital success rate you should check their website. Moreover, you can find other necessary information on the website which can prove fruitful to make the final choice.


What are the treatment options available for orthopedic trauma patients?

Orthopedic Trauma Treatment

Although, not all fractures need specialized treatment. The patient with a complex fracture needs to get specialized care by consulting the trauma specialist. For a strategic treatment plan, you need to visit the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana.

Hunjan hospital Orthopaedic surgeon In Punjab has the availability of all the inventive and improved treatments. It even includes improving the condition of trauma patients which includes a minimally invasive approach. Also, bone graft substitutes, external fixation, and bone-forming proteins are used.

Let’s talk about possible treatment options.

Nonsurgical Treatment Options of Trauma Injuries

Dislocations and fractures which are linked to the scapula, clavicle, hand, wrist, humerus, and foot can be treated without non-surgical options. The doctor will check the condition, and accordingly, treat the injury by suggesting your external fixation. With this approach the following options are used:

  • Casts
  • Splints
  • Braces
  • Other devices

The use of all these options can help to stabilize the outside structure.


Surgical Treatment Options of Trauma Injuries

The internal fixation method is suggested by the physician when minor surgery is needed. This surgical option will make use of screws, pins, wires, and plates. All the possible options will help to stabilize it. In case, the problem is complex then surgery is the preferred option. Some of the possible options which the doctor will suggest are:

  • Bone grafting
  • Complex reconstruction
  • Limb lengthening

The doctor will determine your condition and then suggest which condition will improve your situation.

How does the recovery feel?

Most of the patients are concerned about, ‘How much is the recovery time?’ Well! This depends on the following situations:

  • The severity of the injury
  • Depends on the type

In most cases, it takes around 3 weeks to several months. In this period, the bone will heal or get back to its normal state. When careful and following all the doctor’s suggestions the healing will go with ease. If you do not take the necessary measures given by the doctor, then the bone will not heal the way it should.

The best part is that the pain due to break will completely subside, once the bone completely heals.

Follow the doctor suggestions

When you begin the recovery, you may experience muscle fatigue and stiffness. The reason for this is atrophy of the joints, muscles, and ligaments because the activity is reduced. Just make sure that you follow all the recommendations from the physicians so that the chances of reinjury are reduced.




How to find the right orthopaedician? Which is the best orthopedic hospital in Punjab?

In case you are bothered by the complications in the musculoskeletal system such as bones, muscles or ligaments, then you should be visiting the orthopaedic surgeon in Punjab, Dr Balwant Singh Hunjan, who is recognized for providing quality treatment. Our orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana is equipped with all the latest technologies. We are proud to share that we are the first to bring about the first robotic knee surgery in Punjab.

Let’s get to know how should you be finding the ideal orthopedician

  • It’s your decision

More than anyone else’s, it is more of your decision. Since none other than you can determine whether you should be visiting the doctor or not.

  • Take help of the referrals

If you take the reference of the ideal doctors from the family members or the relatives, then you are likely to lessen your burden about making a list of the doctors by finding the qualified ones from the internet. Obviously, it would have taken a lot of time since you will have a long list from which you have to choose the best ones.

  • Check the credentials of the doctors

Once you have the list of the referred doctors, now you can easily shortlist them based on the credential checking. For that, make a list of all the credentials which according to you matters the most as far as the search for the highly qualified and experienced doctor is concerned. But if you do not want to get burdened with the creation of the list of the doctors and shortlisting them, then you should approach Hunjan hospital, since our doctors are recruited after thorough evaluation rounds.


  • Experience

The experience of the doctor should be quintessentially weighed. Because more the experience of the doctor, the more the effectiveness in the treatment. As our experienced doctors do possess the best problem solving capabilities.

  • Gender

We have observed that some ladies are not comfortable getting treatment from male doctors. We never compromise the comfort of our patients. For this reason, we always ensure at first if the patient is comfortable in taking treatment from the particular doctor.

  • Communication style

Usually, the doctors who treat the patients with the humblest and compassionate approach, are appreciated by the patients. So once you have chosen the doctor, for the first three consultations observe his treatment approaches and communication styles.

We guarantee you that if you visit the Hunjan hospital, then you will feel like home since doctors are so polite and soft spoken that the patient feels congenial to share all the medical details.

  • Check the reviews

Do not count on any doctor unless you have taken the reviews of the previously treated patients in the account.