orthopaedic Venous Disease

Hunjan hospital ortho doctors discussing the ortho venous disease

Ortho Venous Disease Treatment

Are you diagnosed with Ortho-Venous disease? Do you know what exactly it is? In this blog, the specialist team of ortho doctors from the Hunjan Hospital will discuss this disease. Many of the patients visit our Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana wanting to know about the ortho venous problem. To put it straight, this condition occurs when the ‘Orthopedic and Venous Disease Collide’. It is a neologism (newly coined word).

Patients diagnosed with ortho-problem are at more risk of getting venous insufficiency. In case you have undergone Knee Replacement in Ludhiana or any other ortho surgery, then it is better that you discuss this condition with the doctor. Studies have shown that with this condition a person has a struggle of ache and swelling which even makes it difficult to do the daily work with ease.

Venous insufficiency

Many patients are diagnosed with the condition of venous insufficiency be it large varicose veins, swelling, and discolored legs or the additional symptom of heaviness, cramps & fatigue led to the state of total knee replacement. In this state, the condition is known as ortho venous problem.

Get your veins problem treated before hip or knee replacement

You must be thinking, ‘Why?’ One of the observations has been done on the patients who have vein problems and they got their condition addressed before the knee or hip replacement got better outcomes. It means that the problem of leg swelling & they were able to respond better to physical therapy. So, whether you are planning to get a knee or hip replacement, you should get the post-operative rehabilitation efforts done on time, and this way the post-surgical swelling is addressed properly.

Undergo the preoperative ultrasound

The ultrasound done before time will help to point out whether there is DVT or not. If yes, then it helps to check the:

  • Location
  • Presence
  • The severity of the condition

By understanding all these things, the doctor will be at ease to understand how the treatment plan should be made. For the optimized orthopedic surgical outcome, addressing the vein problem is important.

Get timely medical assistance

In case you are diagnosed with knee, leg, or hip problems along with the varicose vein, heavy legs, discolored skin, or swollen legs, then it is important that you seek medical assistance for both problems. Only this is the approach that will help you be at ease and the outcomes will be the best. So, to get relief from any sort of issue you need to consult the doctor without any delay.

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