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Orthopedic problem: Everything to do with first aid for accidental fracture

Emergency tips for accidental fracture

Orthopedic problems are a very common scenario noticed among patients. All over the world, patients are dealing with ortho-related problems which occur due to different reasons like accidents, falls, or wear & tear with age. At times, there is a situation that a patient needs to get the Knee Replacement in Ludhiana because the impact put on the knee is extremely severe. In this situation, consulting the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana is the right way of managing everything and getting the right solution for the ortho problem. One such problem is an accidental fracture that requires First aid (First Investigation Relief Symptom Treatment Arrangement Immediately Disposal).

Do you know?

There are 7 key steps involved in first aid which are:

  • Take better account of the scenario
  • Be careful when you approach the patient
  • Do emergency rescue and get the first aid
  • Patient protection is important
  • Look out for other injuries on the body
  • Prepare the plan on what is needed
  • Do as per the plan (Here you can move the patient)

First aid after accidental fracture

First aid is the way to react better to the emergency. No doubt, fractures are unexpected and they can happen anywhere & anytime. But, that does not mean that till the time you get the medical assistance you need to suffer in that situation only. Before taking them to the emergency room, some first aid measures have to be taken from your end like the ones which are mentioned below.

  • Protect

You need to protect the fractured part so that there is not any sort of additional injury. The fracture area is the upper extremity then give it support through these things (select the thing as which is available): Newspaper, stick, pillow, and you can use a sling made of cloth. Just make sure the dressing is not so tight or it should not lead to any pain. If the person is wearing any accessories, then make sure to remove them right away.

  • Check Blood Circulation

Once you have protected the injured part of the person, you should check the pulse. In case, the pulse is not easy to find then the chances of blood vessel injury are increased. In such a state, the person needs to be taken to the ER so that they get medical assistance on time before any further damage occurs.

  • Apply cold pack

You need to apply the cold pack on the injured area so that the pain & swelling are reduced. Applying the ice will limit the blood vessels as they are constricted. Especially, if there is an open wound then it is useful. You can put the ice cubes in the plastic bag and then apply them to the problematic area.

  • Elevate

The fractured area needs to be elevated to the desired level so that there is no swelling & blood vessels get compressed along with nerves. The blood loss amount will reduce when it is kept at the desired level. Till the patient reaches the hospital it is an important step to carry out.


Dietary Advice By Hunjan Hospital – For The Great Orthopaedic Health

The most reputed doctors who carry out Knee Replacement in Ludhiana have emphasized the good quality diet for healthy bones. They have said that if you start consuming a good diet from the beginning, then the chances for you to suffer from deteriorated and unhealthy bones will get lessened even in the progressive age.

A Little Advice

To make it certain that you enjoy good bone health for a long time and even in old age, then visit Hunjan Hospital – The best orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana, for a regular bone health check-up.

    1. Your bones need calcium

It is the calcium that has the potential to make the bones robust and shock-resistant. So the doctors would suggest you never skip any kind of dairy product unless it interferes with your digestive capabilities.

Did you know?

For good bone health, our body needs about 700mg of calcium regularly.

Sources of Calcium

  • Dairy Products (Milk, Cheese, Fresh Cream, Yogurt)
  • Leafy vegetables (Broccoli, Cabbage, Spinach)
  • Soya beans and Tofu
  • Soya Drinks and other kinds of the plant-based drinks
  • Nuts
  • Fish which provides you with Sardines Pilchards
    1. Vitamin D

It is quite challenging to fulfil the deficiency of Vitamin D from the diet we take. We get most of it from the direct action of the sun.

Did you know?

The body of an adult needs about 10 mg of Vitamin D per day.

Sources of Vitamin D

  • Fishes that have oil in them (Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel)
  • Egg Yolks
  • Fat spreads
  • Breakfast Cereals

Know The Vegan Diet Plan For Healthy Bones


Those who are non-vegan fulfils the nutrition demand from dairy products, but vegans incorporate the following in their diet for fulfilling the nutrition:

  • Soya Beans
  • Oat Drinks
  • Pulses
  • Fortified Soya
  • Dried Fruits
  • Rice
  • Sesame seeds

Did You Know?

Excessive Consumption Of Vitamin A Can Make Bone Fractures More Prone.

Is there any evidence?

Since so much research has shown that the excessive consumption of vitamin A makes the bones of the individuals more prone to fractures.

Here are some of the precautions:

  • Do not consume the liver more than once a week
  • Do not intake any kind of the retinol symptoms

Why Do Women With Menopause Start Losing The Power Traits In The Bones?

When menopause is encountered, then the ovaries are also impacted. The oestrogen production is obstructed. It is oestrogen-only which helps to form a protective layer on the bones.

Since no guarding layer is present, the bones start losing their effectiveness.

So no matter whether the woman has encountered menopause or not, she should start consuming good dietary elements. A good diet will keep her away from joint pain issues.

Final Comments!

The dietary advice published in this blog is generic. Visiting Hunjan Hospital in Ludhiana will provide you with individualized advice so that the particular issue which is accountable for causing poor bone health can be targeted.


orthopaedic Venous Disease

Hunjan hospital ortho doctors discussing the ortho venous disease

Ortho Venous Disease Treatment

Are you diagnosed with Ortho-Venous disease? Do you know what exactly it is? In this blog, the specialist team of ortho doctors from the Hunjan Hospital will discuss this disease. Many of the patients visit our Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana wanting to know about the ortho venous problem. To put it straight, this condition occurs when the ‘Orthopedic and Venous Disease Collide’. It is a neologism (newly coined word).

Patients diagnosed with ortho-problem are at more risk of getting venous insufficiency. In case you have undergone Knee Replacement in Ludhiana or any other ortho surgery, then it is better that you discuss this condition with the doctor. Studies have shown that with this condition a person has a struggle of ache and swelling which even makes it difficult to do the daily work with ease.

Venous insufficiency

Many patients are diagnosed with the condition of venous insufficiency be it large varicose veins, swelling, and discolored legs or the additional symptom of heaviness, cramps & fatigue led to the state of total knee replacement. In this state, the condition is known as ortho venous problem.

Get your veins problem treated before hip or knee replacement

You must be thinking, ‘Why?’ One of the observations has been done on the patients who have vein problems and they got their condition addressed before the knee or hip replacement got better outcomes. It means that the problem of leg swelling & they were able to respond better to physical therapy. So, whether you are planning to get a knee or hip replacement, you should get the post-operative rehabilitation efforts done on time, and this way the post-surgical swelling is addressed properly.

Undergo the preoperative ultrasound

The ultrasound done before time will help to point out whether there is DVT or not. If yes, then it helps to check the:

  • Location
  • Presence
  • The severity of the condition

By understanding all these things, the doctor will be at ease to understand how the treatment plan should be made. For the optimized orthopedic surgical outcome, addressing the vein problem is important.

Get timely medical assistance

In case you are diagnosed with knee, leg, or hip problems along with the varicose vein, heavy legs, discolored skin, or swollen legs, then it is important that you seek medical assistance for both problems. Only this is the approach that will help you be at ease and the outcomes will be the best. So, to get relief from any sort of issue you need to consult the doctor without any delay.

Have trouble finding the best ortho treatment?

Schedule your initial consultation at Hunjan Hospital

Finding the best medical care is important at all and if you are struggling to find it, then schedule your initial consultation with our ortho doctor. Expect nothing but the best treatment for ultimate relief and to put your entire life in a state of comfort. If you have any problem, then schedule your consultation with us to understand better what type of treatment plan can help your condition.

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Which are the major bone and joint problems associated with diabetes?

Can bone and joint problems occur due to diabetes?’ It is one of the common questions asked by patients when they visit the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana. Understand that, if you have diabetes you are at increased risk of getting joint and bone problems. At Hunjan Hospital, many diabetic patients have undergone successful and safe Knee Replacement in Ludhiana to live the better life than they always wished for. In this blog, we have mentioned the bone and joint problems which are due to diabetes.

Most common bone and joint problems associated with diabetes

  • Charcot joint

Charcot joint is also known as ‘Neuropathic arthropathy’. The condition occurs when the joint deteriorates due to nerve damage. In most cases, the feet are affected.

Symptoms of Charcot joint

  • Numbness
  • Tingling sensation
  • Swelling, redness, and warm
  • The affected area can get deformed

Treatment of Charcot joint

Early detection is important to slow down the progression. You should not do weight-bearing activities. The doctor will suggest you use orthotic support for the affected joint.

  • Diabetic hand syndrome

Diabetic hand syndrome makes the person’s hand skin thick and waxy. Due to the syndrome, finger movement is limited. Although, its cause is not known. The chances are more in individuals who are diabetes for a long time.

Symptoms of Diabetic Hand Syndrome

  • Not able to press the play together as flat
  • Not able to extend the fingers

Treatment of Diabetic hand syndrome

  • Keep the blood glucose level right
  • Do physical therapy
  • Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a type of joint disorder that breaks the joint cartilage. Individuals with type 2 diabetes are at increased risk of getting osteoarthritis, and they are overweight also.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis

  • Joint pain
  • Joint stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Joint movement or flexibility reduces

Treatment of osteoarthritis

Some of the best treatment options are:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Rest the affected joint & take proper care, as suggested by the doctor
  • Get physical therapy
  • Take medications on time

If the situation gets worse, then the doctor will suggest you knee or hip replacement to lessen the pain and improve your knee mobility.

  • Osteoporosis

Due to osteoporosis, the bones get weak that increases the chances of fracture. Individuals with type 1 diabetes are at more risk of getting osteoporosis.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Initially, it does not show any symptoms but as the condition gets advanced it leads to:

  • Stooped posture
  • Loss of height
  • Bone fracture

Treatment of Osteoporosis

You need to follow a healthy lifestyle like do regular walking, eat a nutritious meal filled with Vitamin D & calcium. Take the necessary supplements suggested by the doctor.

  • DISH (Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis)

DISH is also known as Forestier Disease. In this condition, the ligaments & tendons get hard that primarily affects the spine. The problem can occur with type 2 diabetes, and insulin-like growth or insulin presence which leads to new bone growth.

Symptoms of DISH

  • Stiffness
  • Pain
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Neck & back stiffness

Treatment of DISH

The doctor will give you the treatment to manage symptoms, and the possible treatment options are:

  • Pain relievers (Tylenol & others)
  • Surgery, in few cases, when the bone grows due to this problem

Consult the best ortho doctor

If you are worried about your bone or joint health, then without delaying a single second consult the best ortho doctor.


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Which Are The Topmost Distinctive Orthopaedic Diagnostic Procedures?

There are a variety of diagnostic tests that help to identify the nature of the musculoskeletal injury or the condition. The results of these diagnostic tests help frame the personalised treatment plan. In this blog post, we are going to discuss all the diagnostic tests that are carried out in the orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana.

  • Arthrography

This diagnostic test is highly beneficial when the patient is seeming to need to undergo knee replacement in Ludhiana. To carry out this test, the contrast iodine solution is injected into the following:

    • Ligaments
    • Cartilage
    • Tendons
    • Joint Capsules

The x-rays image of the joints helps us to find out the abnormality in the joint structure. To have a detailed view, the patient might be asked to move the joints in several positions.

Blood Tests

There are some conditions, which can not be diagnosed by imaging tests. For those, it is needed to take the samples of the blood and perform the evaluation. The sample of the blood is usually taken from the arm.

Bone Scan

There are two unique kinds of bone scans.

  • Density Evaluating Tests

This test is used to diagnose those problems which can come to origin owing to the low density such as osteoporosis. In this kind of test, ultrasound and arrow x-ray beams are taken into account.

  • Deformed Bone Evaluating Tests

This is the test that is used to identify the area which is having the deformed bone. With these tests, it can be possible to find whether the patent si suffering rm the following problems or not:

    • Arthritis
    • Cancer

CT Scan

In case, it is needed to have a detailed & cross-sectional image of the body to diagnose a particular condition, then CT Scan is the only way.

It has been found that the several malignancies which were not able to be found with the help of the ultrasound, were possible to detect using this test.


These tests help to find out whether the discs (separating the spinal bones) are accusing the patient of suffering from extreme back pain or not. The contrast dye will be injected into the discs, which will be filled by a CT scan that helps you to gather the images of the discs.

Doppler Ultrasound

In case, your symptoms, the doctor has suspected some kind of blood obstruction in the vessels present in the legs or the arms, then an ultrasound test will be performed. With the high-frequency waves, this test helps to create a picture of the blood vessels.

Dual-Photon Absorptiometry

This diagnosis does not offer precision but it surely helps to determine whether you have succumbed to osteoporosis or not. It is customarily used to measure the bone density of the following:

  • Hip
  • Spine
  • Total Body

Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry

This test is the most used and reliable test for evaluating the status of the bone density, This is customarily performed on those patients whose bone density is getting affected owing to the various treatments. It does not require any kind of special preparations as it is a non-invasive procedure.



Study on psychological distress and quality of life after orthopedic trauma

Very slight information is there about the clinical consequences of psychological understanding with orthopedic trauma. No doubt, getting medical assistance from the ortho doctor at the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana will make a huge difference in your health. The study was done for psychological distress and understanding how orthopedic trauma affects the quality of life is important. For example, you have undergone a knee replacement in Ludhiana, and following that how your life will get affected. In this blog, the study on which we will talk is to understand the psychological symptoms which patients experience after the orthopedic trauma and how these are about the quality of life.

Method to understand the orthopedic trauma and quality of life

The patients getting the orthopedic fracture were taken through screening to understand their eligibility. Eligible patients were aged 16 and even older than that. The patients even completed the baseline assessment form along with the symptoms checklist and understanding more about the quality of life. In addition, during the study regression analysis was done to better understand the quality of life.

What do the results have to say?

215 out of 250 decided to participate in the study. Out of them, 59% were men at the age of 44 years. Around 54% of the patients were facing the issue of lower extremity fracture. The summary scores were linked with older age, fracture location, ongoing location, and positive symptom distress index.

Through the model 21% variance of the patients, the physical component summary score was understood. Somatization is an important symptom regarding the psychological and through the same psychological component summary score was checked. In addition, the reduced mental component summary checks the ongoing litigation and global severity index of psychological symptoms. Through the model around 31% of the variability was checked among the patients.

The crux of the study

The study was done on around 215 patients, around 1 in 5 have gone through psychological distress. Through the same ongoing litigation and psychological symptoms were linked with the SF-36 physical component and a mental component. Although, still more research has to be done to understand better the impact of orthopaedic trauma on the patient. Like for any other health issue, it is important that you get yourself screened on time and the timely intervention will make a lot of difference in your health.

Understanding better about your ortho health

Make sure that you understand better about your ortho health by consulting a health expert. Only, this way it will be easier to know whether there is any issue and following the orthopedic trauma, ‘How you have to deal with the psychological stress?’. This way it will allow you to live a better life following the problem. If you are facing any problem related to ortho, then make sure to get in touch with the medical experts at the earliest. Our team of ortho doctors are highly trained and skilled to understand better what can help you with your condition. Schedule your initial consultation with us and get the best treatment plan to manage your ortho health.



How can we maintain orthopaedic health? Which tips will be helpful?

If some condition concerning bones, ligaments and joints is disturbing you, then it can be categorized as an orthopaedic issue. If some orthopaedic issue is not getting treated by following the precautionary measures, then you must visit an orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana.

Here we would like to suggest you that you should not let any of the orthopaedic conditions progress. If you allow it to do so, then one day or the other it starts spreading in other bones and the ligaments as well. Eventually when it gets reached to the spine, then the individual may need to undergo spine surgery in Ludhiana.

In this blog post, we are going to facilitate our readers with some of the important tips, following which they can prevent themselves from suffering from the menacing orthopaedic conditions:

Follow a good dietary schedule

If you are having a good and well-balanced diet, then you can surely expect yourself to be running high in orthopaedic health. It is suggested for the individuals to keep their enriched with the vitamin D which is highly responsible for great bone health.

Apart from this, the vitamin D helps the bones to absorb the calcium which is derived from the various food items

Exercise Right

It is always important to keep the body moving, and joints in particular. If you keep on sitting in one place without doing any movements, then there are chances that your bones and the joints start getting deteriorated at the earliest stage. If you do not want to experience such a condition, then make sure you are active in some kind of exercise. It could be either yoga, aerobics or dancing.

Do not wear the uncomfortable shoes

Usually, this thing is observed among the girls who consider wearing tight-fitting high heels just to look taller. But wearing such shoes for a prolonged period will deteriorate the hip bone.

Keep yourself hydrated

Those who do not drink the required amount of water are sure to experience orthopaedic problems. The predominant factor which demands you to drink plenty of water is that the eaten food can only be assimilated if the individual is having the required amount of fluid contained in the body.

Do not sit in the rigid posture for so long

You are required to sit in a comfortable posture if you are doing any of the blue-collar jobs. Sitting in a rigid posture all day long is one of the factors that contribute to making you suffer from some serious orthopaedic problem.

Bottom Line

It is always suggested to the individual to follow all the above-mentioned measures if good orthopaedic health is to be enjoyed for a prolonged period. Also following this factor, you will not suffer from some serious orthopaedic problem even when you have become aged or old.


Joints orthopaedic

How Is Joint Stiffness Caused? Which Treatment Approaches Are Followed?

Joints – The Connection Of The Two Bones

According to the doctors of the best Orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana, “ Joints are not merely responsible for forming the connections between your bones, but these are quintessentially responsible for providing you with the support to make movements. In case the joints are encountering any kind of problems related to their movement and functioning, then you should consult the best orthopaedic doctor in your area. If you let problems aggravate or progress, then they will eventually reach the spine and then you will be needed to undergo the spine surgery in Ludhiana. Nowadays a lot of people are complaining about joint problems. So we have decided to publish a blog on this topic:

Joint Stiffness – What Is It?

Joint stiffness is experienced through the feeling which indicates that the motion of your joints have got limited and they are finding it extremely difficult to make movements.

Causes – Try To Prevent These

Although many conditions may lead you to eventually suffer from joint stiffness, we are going to talk about the common ones.

Injuries Other Conditions
If you have run into any of the injuries which may include sprains or strains, then these may also cause you to suffer from the joint stiffness Apart from the other condition, the stiffness in joints may be contributed by the following factors:

    • Osteoarthritis
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Arthritis
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Bursitis
    • Gout

Symptoms – Do Not Neglect These

AS from the name itself, we know that nothing other than the stiffness itself could indicate that you are suffering from a joint problem. You must know that the stiffness of the joints could be experienced in any part of the body. The pain may also differ depending upon the intensity of the stiffness. It may be either mildly irritating or debilitating.

    • Pay Attention!

Whenever the joint stiffness is on the cards, then the area to get affected starts to swell up, Sling with that it commences to turn out to be extremely tender, red or warm.

    • May Or May Not Persist Longer

The symptoms of joint stiffness usually go away after a week. But in other cases, the symptoms are usually ongoing and they keep on persisting for so long.


Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal of all the treatment approaches which will be taken into account for treating joint stiffness is the reduction of the pain and the inflammation in the joints.

Based on the cause of the stiffness along with the goal of the treatment, the individualized treatment plan is framed:

Medications In case, the joint pain is being experienced in moderation along with mild swelling, then the over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like the following may be prescribed:


(Do not take this medication until prescribed by the doctor)

    • Aspirin
    • Ibuprofen
    • Naproxen sodium
Otc Creams And Topical Agents For Joint Stiffness To make the internal system get adapted to the ideal structure of joints, several OTC Cream and other topical agents may be prescribed, which will restore the maximum health capabilities to the patients.
Injections In case, the intake of the medication and the application of the cars is not providing you with the desirable results, then the doctor will consider injecting your joints to trigger the relief.
Physical Therapy Physical therapy is regarded as the best therapy as far as the treatment of joint stiffness is concerned. It helps to make the muscles surrounding the joint strong which will eventually help to stabilize the joints and ameliorate their range of motions.


Joints orthopaedic

How many kinds of orthopaedic surgeries are there? Why are these performed?

Whenever a particular part of the body, bones or joints are bothering you by restricting your performance as far as the routine activities are concerned, then there is a need to approach the best orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana for undergoing surgical treatment. Usually, people do not have any knowledge about the type of orthopaedic surgery, they only know one kind of surgery and that is spine surgery in Ludhiana. But in this blog we are going to tell you the types of orthopaedic surgeries:

Total Joint replacement

Whenever either or both the regalement and the removal of the arthritic and the damaged joint is to be done, then no alternative other than the total joint replacement could be best.

Total knee replacement

In case you are affiliated with a severe form of arthritis, then total knee replacement surgery is the only option with which you may feel better. In this kind of surgical procedure, the implant is substituted at the place of the knee joint.

Total hip replacement

With this procedure, the removal of the ball and the socket afflicted with arthritis can be done and then the insertion of the new ball and the socket will be of quintessential help to allow for the movement at the new joints.

Total Shoulder Replacement

To ameliorate the motion range particularly that of the shoulder joint, the shoulder replacement surgery helps with the substitution of the implant in place of the damaged bone and the cartilage.

Rotator Cuff Repair

With the help of the rotator cuff, your shoulder can be anchored and the aid in the movement can be quintessentially enjoyed. The torn part is supposed to be repaired with the surgery so that the pain can be relieved and the strength could thoroughly be improved and the functioning of the shoulder can be maintained.

Arthroscopic Surgery

When we’re talking of arthroscopic surgery, then we are talking about the method that may help to either or both view or perform the surgery on the joint with the help of the arthroscopy. This piece of equipment consists of a tube that acts as the lens and the light source that may use fibre optics which are responsible for helping you with the visualization of the surgical area.

Spine Surgery

Usually, the doctors only suggest you undergo spinal surgery if the minimally invasive treatment options like the therapies and the medications are not working. When it is about spinal surgery, then the following approaches could be heavily relied on:

  • Laminectomy
  • Diskectomy
  • fusion
  • spinal decompressions
  • Kyphoplasty

Ankle surgery

There could be many problems that may affect the wrist and the angle in the worst possible way. So in that case, it is usually suggested to undergo ankle surgery.

In case of the following situations, you may experience the need for undergoing the surgical procedures:

  • Overuse injuries
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • stress fractures

ACL reconstruction

The ligaments present in the knees are responsible for stabilizing the knee. But the ACL which is present in the knee is considered as the major source for stabilising the knee. In ace, it gets ruptured, the act of the reconstruction can be done in a variety of ways.

Please Consider Us!

If you are feeling the need of undergoing any kind of the above-mentioned surgery, then please consider the reputed doctors of the Hunjan hospital. We shall feel pleased if you give us a chance to treat you.



INDIA – The first choice of the foreigners to undergo ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERIES

There is a famous orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana, Hunjan hospital that offers patients the best orthopaedic services. The treatment approaches are not only result oriented, but these are also offered at quintessentially low prices. If we talk about knee replacement surgeries, then these are done with the assistance of the robots and the package of the treatment is the same as that of the manual approach. This could be the probable reason why people from all over the world visit India to take up the varied orthopaedic surgeries like knee, elbow or spine surgery in Ludhiana.


With the advancements of orthopaedic surgeries, people from different countries are preferring to visit India to undergo orthopaedic surgeries. With the advancement of the orthopaedic surgical field, medical tourism is also getting escalated.

  • In 2015, medical tourism alone generated US$3 Million.
  • In 2020, it grew rapidly at the CAGR of 200%, which means it went to US$9 Million.

Which are the in-demand services because of which the foreign patients are visiting India?

Following Are the treatment services for which India is known to be the best provider:

  • Cardiology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Joint Replacement
  • Neurological Services

Why is India considered the best choice for undergoing Orthopedic treatment?

The Indian medical sector offers various budget-friendly treatment packages. The services are rendered by highly qualified and thoroughly experienced surgeons.

Knee Replacement Surgeries

If we particularly talk about knee replaced surgeries, then no less than 95% of the procedures were known to be producing successful results for about 10 to 15 years. Despite this, the Indian doctors only suggest the right treatment approach after detecting the overall medical condition of the patient.

How long can the benefits of knee replacement surgery be enjoyed?

As we knee replacement surgery is the best surgery that helps to resurface the joints and the other surrounding parts. This surgery is performed if any of the joints or the associated parts are damaged or deteriorated owing to the following:

  • Traumatic Arthritis
  • Injuries
  • Musculoskeletal Trauma
  • Infections
  • Tumours
  • Degenerative Diseases
  • Spine Disorders

When any of the above-mentioned problems are bothering you, then the joints can be replaced with the help of the implants. These implants can either be made up of plastic or metals.

Usually, the folks need to undergo the surgery when they are in the age group of 50 to 80 years.

What is the cost of Orthopaedic Surgeries in India?

The cost of the surgery is quintessentially low in India, but still, the quality services with the guaranteed results are offered for the following:

  • Knee replacement
  • ACL Construction
  • Hip or Ankle Replacement

But still, if you want to get an estimate of the same, then it would begin from 8400 and may get extended to no more than 1200.