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Ortho doctor guide to healing the bone fracture as quickly as possible

Bone fracture?

By any misfortune, chances when the bone breaks can lead to fracture. The fracture needs to heal properly, and it must be present in the correct position. Most importantly, ensuring it’s protected is essential so that the body stays in a reliable state. In that case, you must visit the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana to manage the situation and get the necessary tips to balance your situation.

Let the bone fracture heal properly

The bone fracture needs to stay in the appropriate condition in the right position. After the fracture, the body protects the injured area and forms the blood clot as a protective cover. The fracture gets closed, and the callus begins to absorb itself. Indeed! It depends upon the fracture type and how much time healing will take. Usually, a person needs at least one year. If there’s any confusion, then you better talk to the Orthopaedic Surgeon In Punjab.

3 best therapies to heal bone fracture

Bone healing occurs naturally, and after the treatment, it’s essential that you take the necessary measures so that the body gets to its optimum state on time. There are a few effective therapies that you can consider for the fracture to heal like normal:

     Fracture management

Fracture management requires closed reduction that targets the manipulation or traction of bone alignment. Other than that, immobilization requires using a cast or splint and physical therapy for rehabilitation techniques.

     Physical therapy

Physical therapy to boost overall strength and normal functioning of the body in the problematic area.

     Ultrasound-guided injections

Ultrasound-guided injections are applied on the specific part of the fractured area, like soft tissues or joints in the body.

Ortho doctor tip!

After the bone fracture, being cautious is necessary. So, make sure that you take calcium 1200 to 1500 mg daily and Vitamin D 800 to 1000 IU daily. With this small and effective tip, the bone’s well-being is benefited.

Preventive measures for a bone fracture to heal faster

Regardless of the problem, it’s always essential to consider preventive measures. Doing so helps the body to overcome the problematic state and helps it get back to normal on time. You need to focus on having a healthy and well-balanced diet. There are a few high-calcium foods that should be an important part of your diet:

     Whole grains like quinoa, oats, rye, and brown rice

     A dairy products like milk, egg, and yogurt

     Beans like black beans, chickpeas, and tofu

     Vegetables like spinach, kale, and broccoli

     Nuts and seeds like flaxseed, chia seeds, and almonds

Additional tips for a bone fracture to heal faster

     You should keep yourself active all day alone.

     Incorporate weight-bearing exercises into your regime, like yoga, dancing, golf, hiking, weight training, or tai chi.

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Get detailed supervision about the orthopedic plates for the well-being

Orthopedic bone plates for better well-being

The bone plates are an essential part of the internal fixation of fractures. The plates allow the bone through the required medical tools when somebody has a fracture. If there’s any concern about which types of plates you need, then you better get supervision from the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana.

What are the situations that require the use of bone plates

The need for bone plates is necessary in various cases. The Orthopaedic Surgeon In India checks the situation and tells when to get the same:

  • There’s a need to get the alignment restored precisely.
  • The use of screws on their own won’t be appropriate.
  • The need for load sharing needs utmost precision. A bone graft is considered an important choice if that is not possible.

Some of the body parts that won’t require them to an extreme level are:

  • Jaw & face
  • The Pelvis area includes the area around the acetabulum.
  • Around the joints area where it’s difficult for the joint to get the area surfaced suitably & it might not seem everything as even

Tension band requires specific requirements

For the plate to be in a specific state to be like the tension band, there are a few essential specifications that need to be fulfilled are:

  • Make sure the fractured bone is loaded to its area
  • The plate should be placed on the tension side
  • The tensile forces should stand well with the plate
  • It’s essential to have the proper force and compression to make everything seem better

Most common bone plating

The modes of bone plating fall into different categories, and some of the important ones to keep the structural support right are:

  • Compression Mode
  • Neutralization Mode
  • Buttress plate
  • Antiglide Plate
  • Span Plating or Bridge Plating
  • Tension Band

Choosing a plate means you need to be considerate about the shape and size of the bone. Additionally, the anatomical shape keeps everything in a better and balanced state. With every plate, there’s a need for a different screw. Depending on what sort of fracture due to have and where it’s located, take the necessary further steps. Therefore to make an informed choice, it’s essential that you get the supervision of the best ortho doctor. The doctor will even make changes based on the fracture for the right material of the fracture to make the overall bone health better.

Don’t delay and get medical assistance

The doctor’s assistance plays a crucial role in changing the entire situation for the better. If you have a fracture, then you better get medical assistance on time and get everything effectively managed. Make sure that you ask all the questions that come to your mind to make the entire journey go extremely smoothly.

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What can you add to your diet for healthy joints and bones?

As we become older, our joints and bone health become more critical for us to take care of. It might be possible that we are dealing with significant injury and want support for faster recovery. It could also be possible that we are concerned about the probability of osteoporosis or arthritis. This is the reason why We might be seeking ways to stay healthy. Minerals, vitamins, and other supplements can play a significant role in keeping your joints and bones healthy. However, you should make sure that they are part of a very big-picture strategy that includes exercise, diet, And support from an Orthopaedic Surgeon In India. Do not hesitate to talk about this with your doctor, especially if you are thinking of trying a new supplement. There are many medical considerations, including drug interaction, that you need to consider, and you should also remember that not all over-the-counter products are worth it.

What minerals and vitamins are essential for healthy bones?

If you are consuming a nutritious diet, then you will be able to get as many nutrients as you need for healthy bones. However, as we grow older, we can buy calcium tablets online and add them to our diet to help cover all the crucial nutrients. In this blog, we will be talking about all the essential vitamins and minerals for your joint and bone health that you can get from supplements.

  • Calcium

We all know that calcium is one of the most important minerals for the health of your bones. Most of the time, we get calcium from beverages and foods such as yogurt and milk. Am Hoy was with the help of a supplement. You can get more if it is not enough, as many experts have stated that diet is the primary option to get calcium, and calcium supplements may be secondary if your diet falls short. Apart from that, it is important for your body to absorb calcium. And in this, The situation role of other bone health boosters comes in

  • Vitamin D

It helps your body to absorb calcium. Besides that, vitamin D deficiency can also lead to bone loss. We often get vitamin D from our food sources and sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency is a real problem, and you Should not neglect it. Visit your Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana for a quick check-up. Vitamin D problems especially happen for people with dark skin or older adults. In such a situation, your doctor might recommend some supplements that contain 1000 to 2000 IU.

  • Vitamin C

We all know that vitamin C plays a significant role in your immune function. Besides that, it also helps with the formation of the protein collagen. It is a crucial nutrient for bone mineralization. Vitamin C is also an exceptional supplement that you can take daily and does not suffer any side effects.

I hope this might help you to understand the importance of supplements in your diet for healthy bone and joint function. Do come to our hospital and meet our dietitian in Ludhiana before you start any supplements for health purposes.


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A Guide On Bone Fracture Diagnosis And Treatment In Orthopedic Hospital

After having an injury, it is impossible to rule out the possibility of having a broken bone without any X-rays. Diagnosing the injury is still very complicated as the broken bones might still function. However, they are going to hurt. The best and safest course of action that you should take is to go to the doctor who will evaluate your serious injuries. This will help you receive a proper bone fracture treatment from the Orthopaedic Surgeon In India. They will help you alleviate the symptoms and position the bone to heal without any complications.

What Are The Common Signs Of Broken Bone?

In case you notice that the injury is tender and also has some bruising or swelling, then there is a good chance that the bone is fractured.

On the other hand, the non-displaced fracture describes the breaks in the bone that do not involve important bone fragment movement from their normal alignment. Typically you will experience a displaced fracture when the broken bone ends move out of their normal positions. There are also some cases where you might notice deformity in the bone.

There is an open wound wherein the bones are actually visible in the compound fracture. In dislocation of bone, there is a change in the natural alignment of the joint, and it can render it immobile.

There are also some cases where the nearby bones break when there is a dislocation in the joint. It also tears the tendons that are around the joints. In such a situation, we highly recommend you to visit Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana for surgery if you need to restore function and mobility.

One of the most severe fractures is a comminuted fracture in which the bones break into many pieces. If this happens, you will experience a slight gravel-like texture beneath the skin, known as crepitus.

Another very severe fracture is intra-articular. It generally happens when the fracture begins at the end of the bone, and it also includes the joint in them. It can further lead to post-traumatic arthritis even if you try to treat the fracture appropriately.

When Should You Go To An Orthopedic Doctor?

Generally, orthopaedic doctors provide facilities for bone fracture treatment, and you can easily visit them by booking an appointment. With the availability of most health insurance, we highly recommend you to go to an individual doctor instead of an emergency room as it is less expensive.

However, in case you notice any deformity in the joint or bone. Or if you have an open wound, immobility, visible bones, paleness of the limb, intense pain or tingling or numbness. Then it would be best if you went to the hospital for emergency care.


Having non-displaced fractures often requires immobilization in order to provide them with proper healing. The doctors must reduce the Displaced fractures and return them to their normal positions. This process will help them restore appropriate alignment. If you have Displaced, comminuted, and intra-articular fractures, you might have to undergo surgery and internal fixation services. They conduct this with the help of plates, screws, rods and other fixation devices.


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What things to consider when the child breaks or fractures a bone?

Child fracture or bone: What things should you consider?

You must take the necessary step on time when the child breaks or fractures a bone. Most importantly, the child needs to feel better so get the situation addressed on time. In that case, it’s important to visit one of the top-rated Ortho Hospital in Punjab to get your child the finest possible care. There’s a possibility that the surgery won’t be needed all the time. Bear in mind that every child’s situation varies from one another, so it’s essential to make the necessary decision depending on the same.

Important things to consider when a child breaks or fractures a bone

Factor 1: Age

When you visit the Child Bone Specialist In Ludhiana, the doctor will consider your age. This is because the way bone breaks with age varies greatly, and its healing capacity is different. Suppose there’s a fracture in a six years old and 20-year-old adult, then both of them are treated differently. The growth plates are different and might require the body some great amount of time to recover with ease. So, it’s essential to properly check the growth plates depending on the age.

Factor 2: Level of maturity

Bone maturity is different for every child. Some might have advanced bones as compared to their age and vice-versa. So, to make the bone heal the best way possible, it’s important to consider the maturity level. The ortho doctor does analyze if the child is close to puberty. A cast or splint is an appropriate choice if the child breaks his or her arm. The arms need to be aligned to aid the healing process.

Factor 3: Fracture pattern

For every fracture or break, the type of treatment required varies a lot. In case of thigh bone fracture, there’s a possibility of surgical treatment. On the other hand, for a broken wrist chance of surgical intervention are less.

Fracture 4: Choice of equipment

The ortho doctor does give importance to the type of equipment required. As there are several options available, it’s essential to select the one that’s most suitable surgical implants are not a reliable choice for a child fracture. Surgery is for adverse situations or when other things don’t work. There’s a possibility to have specially designed implants, but in rare cases.

Factor 5: Chances of surgery

Surgery comes with risks, and it’s important to get a proper understanding of the same. No doubt, the kids’ bone healing capacity is exceptional, but surgical intervention won’t be the right choice. Stats have shown that only 10% of individuals need surgery. The risks of the surgery are similar to any other normal surgery.

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Ortho doctor guide on, ‘How to boost bone health as you age?’

Bone Health Requires Utmost Care

Bones are one of the essential parts of the body. The bones are the powerhouse for:

  • Vital vitamins
  • Give support to muscles
  • Offer protection to organs

Indeed! The bones do everything, and that’s why you must visit one of the leading Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana to ensure proper care and understand what sort of treatment would make a difference to your overall well-being.

Right from childhood, building strong muscles and bones is essential. And that’s why you mustn’t delay and know all the vital tips for protecting bones. At Hunjan Super Speciality Hospital, we are not just offering the patients ortho care; the name even knows us as Best General Surgery Hospital in Ludhiana.

How to improve your bone health?

Here are some of the essential tips that you should follow to improve your bone health right from childhood to when you age:

Tip 1: Regular and proper intake of calcium

Calcium makes one of the most important parts of healthy bones. For adults, it’s essential to take at least 1000mg of calcium. The average intake of calcium for men and women should be:

  • Men (70 years): 1200mg
  • Women (50 years): 1200 mg

Consuming the necessary amount of calcium is essential to boost bone growth. Apart from milk, some of the good sources of calcium are:

  • Figs
  • Flour tortillas
  • Calcium-fortified food
  • Soybeans
  • Dairy products: Milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • Canned baked beans
  • Many more

Tip 2: Keep your body weight healthy

Being skinny increases the chances of bone loss or fracture. If you are overweight, you should try to get it under normal. Otherwise, the chances of arm fracture and wrist are higher. And that’s why it’s essential to keep the body weight normal.

Tip 3: Follow a proper exercising regime

A healthy workout is suitable for your entire health and maintaining bone density. You must follow proper workout patterns like exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. By doing so, you can get relief from hip and back pain. Moreover, the right impact and intensity of resistance training improve bone structure, density, and strength. The problem of low bone mass can trigger more problems.

Tip 4: Do not take any unwanted substance

Make sure you do not take any unwanted substance as it increases the risk of bone loss. If you want to drink alcohol in winter, it’s essential to keep it in moderation, as excess alcohol affects your entire health. If you are below 65 years old, do not have more than two drinks in a day.

Final word

Do you suspect any problem with your bone health? Well! These are a few tips that you should consider in your daily life to boost bone health when you age. Although, you must take proper medical assistance from the start because the expertise of an ortho doctor makes the entire situation much better.

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Ortho doctor guide: Enlist 5 top ways to take care of knees as you age

Taking care of your knees as you age

The knees are one of the central body parts that have to bear a lot of weight. The knees are why you can get up and perform the daily chores perfectly. However, with old age, you need expertise from one of the Best Ortho Doctor in Punjab to have that extra helping hand for your knee or ortho health.

The knees have different parts like ligaments and cartilage to bones & muscles. Chances are higher of getting them damaged due to injury or natural wear & tear. If it’s getting difficult for you to enjoy your daily life or your body motion is limited, visit one of the leading Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana: Hunjan Super Speciality Hospital.

Ortho doctor tips: 5 ways to protect knee joints as you age

Tip 1: Includes anti-inflammatory food in your diet

Inflammation is the most significant factor that damages the joints. You have to make your diet nutritious to prevent knee problems. Most importantly, limit processed food, sugar, and white flour intake. You have to limit your eggs, dairy, and a diet high in meat. Also, do the following:

  • Include several seasonal and fresh fruits & vegetables in your diet plan.
  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day
  • Include onion, garlic, leeks, and shallots in your diet.
  • Drink pomegranate juice

If the problem does not solve then visit one of the leading Bone Hospital In Ludhiana to seek best possible care.

Tip 2: Healthy supplements are important

The intake of cod liver oil transforms knee health in a better manner. Cartilage needs prevention from rubbing against each other. Otherwise, the chances of knee replacement are higher. Intake of supplements reduces the risk of inflammation. Some of the at-home and readily available healthy supplements for knees are:

  • Turmeric
  • Tart cherry juice
  • Pineapple

Tip 3: Don’t let your weight put pressure on your knees

Being overweight affects knee health. Additionally, when you walk or stand for a long time, the joints get under excess pressure, and over time, the chances of knee damage are higher. Before the situation leads to the knee joint, you have to take care of your overall well-being. Make sure that you lose weight to take down pressure on the knee joint.

Tip 4: Follow an exercise regime to build muscle

We are not saying you have to put excess pressure on yourself. Even if you follow a moderate exercise regime, your bone health improves. If you are unsure which exercise regime to follow in your daily routine, consult the doctor or your gym instructor. Physical therapy is even a practical choice to transform knee health.

Tip 5: Choose the right and comfortable shoes

No matter what age, you have to wear the right shoes. If your shoes pinch you and you don’t feel comfortable walking in them, better get them changed. Additionally, limit the use of high heels as it leads to knee pain over time.

Bone Health

Ortho doctor practical tips to protect the bones when you age

Taking Care Of Bones When You Age

The human body plays an essential role throughout life. Most importantly, it acts like a pillar for the entire body and assists in protecting all important vital organs. With age, the body goes through several changes that affect the way muscles get the necessary support. As the individual hits the mark of 30, the bone mass density sees a decline. Moreover, the chances of osteopathic fracture increase. Therefore, it’s vital to seek medical assistance from one of the Best Ortho Doctor in Punjab to take the best care of your well-being.

Did you know?

The chances of bone fracture due to osteoporosis state goes to around:

  • 1 in 2 women
  • 1 in 4 men

Do you suspect something’s wrong with your ortho health? Schedule initial consultation with one of the Best Orthopedic specialist in ludhiana to make an informed decision.

What are the risk factors for osteoporosis?

The number of risk factors that in turn, result in increased chances of osteoporosis are:

  • Less calcium in the diet
  • Lack of Vitamin D
  • Being underweight
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Irregular hormonal levels
  • Intake of certain medications

With these factors, the prevalence rate of osteoporosis is prevalent among individuals.

What are tips to take care of your ortho health when you age?

Some of the imperative factors that help you with your ortho care are:

Tip 1: Take care of your nutrient intake

You should include enough Vitamin D and calcium in your diet chat. You should consist of low-fat dairy, green leafy vegetables, soy milk, pulses, salmon, and nuts.

In a day, your body needs at least 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight as it’s an essential source of Vitamin D.

Tip 2: Follow an exercise regime

On an everyday basis, do at least 30 minutes of exercise to keep the muscles and bones strong. Additionally, it would help if you incorporated the following:

  • Weight training exercise
  • Strength building
  • Dancing

Tip 3: Don’t drink alcohol and use tobacco

Neither alcohol intake nor tobacco consumption is helpful for the body. Better to limit the alcohol intake to at least one drink for women and 2 for men in a day.

Tip 4: Get timely ortho to check up

As you age, the bone density sees a decline. So, for extra help, you need to consult the ortho doctor to prevent the chances of bone density loss.

Don’t avoid seeking ortho health care

It’s never too late to start. And that, too, starting early offers more significant benefits to well-being. Since childhood, do the practice of taking care of your bones. Follow the tips mentioned above and take care of your ortho health in all ways possible. Make sure that you follow all the necessary practices to take care of your overall ortho health through the following steps:

  • Exercise at least 30 minutes a day
  • Be aware of the accidents or falls.
  • Do not miss out on regular eye check-ups.
  • Get bone density tests as told by the doctor. (If you have a fractured bone after 50, then you should never miss out on that)
  • Take the right amount of Vitamin D and calcium after the age of 50
  • Take medications prescribed for bone density on time.
  • Get a Dexa scan test (checks bone density) at least once every two years. The patients at high risk can get it early.


Bone Health
Bone Health

Can Diabetes Take Hold Of Your Bone Health?

Are you aware?

An increase in your diabetes is known for affecting bone health adversely.

Are you diabetic? Then this blog is a must-read for you…It’s important to be aware in the first place so that in the future there is no trouble. In case, your bone health starts to show a difference or makes your life troublesome, then it’s time that you visit one of the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana.

Did you know?

Diabetic people are at higher risk of fracture. Moreover, 20% of people with type 1 diabetes are at increased risk of getting osteoporosis at the age of 60. The research has even pointed out that women are at increased risk of getting diabetes.

Diabetes can affect the bone quality

If someone is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes then their bone density might not get affected but the bone quality will decline. This is the reason, the chances of having a bone fracture are 3 times more as compared to normal. Moreover, the woman has an increased chance of getting fractures in the hip, upper arm, and foot.

On the other hand, cases of gestational diabetes are not linked with negative bone health. Additionally, the fracture risk is also not much in such cases. But, that does not mean you can be careless, get yourself routinely checked under the supervision of an Orthopaedic surgeon In Punjab so that the problem does not get severe.

Current research on diabetes and bone health

To some extent, there are certain cases that the bone strength is affected along with bone mass, geometry, and bone matrix patients along with microarchitecture. As per the current view, the stats shows the given information:

  • The prevalence rate of Type 1 diabetes is more at a young age but it reaches a higher level as you hit the mark of 20. At this point, there are chances of your bone strength and density to get down. If your knees are getting impacted to a great extent then better know how you can benefit from Knee Replacement in Ludhiana.
  • No matter which type of diabetes you have, your body will have extremely low Vitamin D. This nutrient is the key factor to the bone in keeping up with the bone density.
  • As the blood glucose level surges the bone quality & strength decline.
  • If your body does not have the right level of insulin then you are going to face a problem.

Are there any complications due to diabetes for bone?

There are several complications that can trigger due to diabetes like:

  • Nerve damage
  • Vision Loss
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Hypoglycaemic Episode

All these factors and much more can increase the chances of fracture

Be cautious!

In case, if it has been too long that you have any sort of diabetes and it is not managed for a long time then your chances of having a fracture will increase.

Do you have diabetes?

Better consult the doctor at the earliest, because most of the time individuals don’t know they have osteoporosis. So, make sure that you always get medical assistance on time to make sure your health is going in the right direction.

Do you have any concerns?

Schedule your initial consultation at Hunjan Super-Speciality Hospital. Even in case you want yourself to get a routine ortho health check-up, our doctors will take care of the same.

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Which are the important nutritional elements for the ultimate bone health?

With age, bone and joint health keep on becoming deteriorated. According to the doctors of the orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana, “If in case, the individual is suffering from the injuries or is afflicted with the problems of either the osteoporosis or arthritis, then the health supplements which may include the various nutritional elements like the vitamins and minerals are must to be incorporated in the daily diet. With the intake of the supplements, the ultimate health of the bones and the other joints can be maintained.” It is advised that the individual should not consider taking any kind of supplements without consulting the doctor.

It is relevant to mention here that the individual must not show any negligence to maintain bone health. If somehow, it gets progressed, it may start extending towards the spine and then the person may need to take up the spine surgery in Ludhiana.

In today’s blog, as you might have already guessed, we are going to talk about the role of supplements in maintaining bone health.

Which nutritional elements are required for the maintenance of bone health?

Following are the various kinds of nutritional elements which are necessary for the individual to be fulfilled with if the bones and joints are to be maintained healthy for long:


Calcium is the most important nutritional element for bone health. This is the main reason the mothers always try to find out the ways to make their children drink milk as it is the richest source of calcium. No doubt, following a great diet is the only best option to keep the calcium content full in the body. But in case, due to some reasons, the diet is not able to meet your needs, then calcium supplements are the best sources to maintain bone health.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important element that helps with the absorption of calcium. Usually, this essential nutrient is acquired from various food sources and the sunlight, but in case, you have been diagnosed with a deficiency of Vitamin D, then you must contemplate including some supplements in your diet.

Vitamin C

We all have known the association of the role of vitamin C with immunity. But wait! Wait! Wait! Vitamin C has a lot more functions to perform like:

  • The production of the collagen (it is imperative for the bone mineralization)
  • It does not let your bone density become low


The importance of magnesium for the body can become highlighted from the following fact:

In case, the individual is lacking the magnesium, then there are high chances that he or she may suffer from osteoporosis.”

Additional knowledge

Apart from fulfilling the deficiency of your body concerning the above-mentioned essential nutrients, the individual must consider taking the following supplements as well.

  • Fish oil
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Collagen supplements

Final Comments!

In the end, we would like to tell our readers that they should not consider starting the intake of any supplements without prior consulting to the reputed doctor. In case, the individual does not follow the advice then he or she should get prepared to face the adverse consequences.