Sports injuries

Which are the best first aid treatment options for sports injuries?

Accidents can indeed happen anytime & this is extremely common if you are into playing sports. No doubt following all the necessary measures and taking precautions will help to limit its chances. But, What if by chance a painful sport injury occurs? It’s all about making sure everything is properly managed & if something goes wrong then accordingly taking the measures to reduce the negative impact. If this happens then you need to make sure to visit one of the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana.

Which are the different types of sports injuries?

It’s true the chances of having different injuries are common. The problem will get severe when you try to ignore the issue. It’s seen that if someone has a knee injury & they keep on ignoring the situation then there are high chances of getting a Knee Replacement in Ludhiana as the problem begins to get worse with time.

Injuries are classified into 2 types:

  • Acute

Acute injuries occur all of a sudden.

  • Chronic

Chronic injuries occur with time & these are also known as overuse injuries

The given below is the list of different injuries which can happen and it’s also mentioned what you have to do about the same.

First aid treatment options when sports injuries happen

  • Dislocations

One of the common problems is shoulder dislocation which happens when it’s forced upon. When this happens you will notice swelling, bruising, or difficulty moving. If this happens then make sure you do not manipulate in any sense otherwise the problem can get worse. In this scenario medical expert assistance is essential.

  • Fracture

A fracture happens due to some sort of acute trauma & if the bone break happens through the skin then it is referred to as an open fracture. If the fractures happen with time then it’s known as an open fracture. When there is a bone fracture then it’s possible to notice these symptoms:

  • Intense pain
  • Swelling
  • Deformity
  • Bruising
  • Problem moving

Just make sure to get the medical attention on time & limit the body movement as much as possible.

  • Knee injuries

Knee injuries are of different types but the most common ones are acute knee injuries. This includes ligament injuries, tendon, or meniscus. Some of the common signs & symptoms are pain, weakness, clicking noise, or buckling sensation.

In this case, the option of cold & compression makes the best choice. Additionally, the focus is given on PRICE which includes protection, rest, elevation, and compression method. So, opting for this practice is extremely best.

  • Strains & Sprains

Strains & Sprains are soft tissue injuries that occur in various body parts like the elbow, ankle, or knee. Both these things have a slight difference between them. A sprain is referred to as injury and strain means torn or stretched muscle/tendon. Here are the steps which you need to take during if you have a soft tissue injury:

  • Make sure the necessary activity is stopped right away
  • The injured party needs to be wrapped through a compression bandage
  • Make sure to properly apply ice on the problematic part for at least 10 to 15 minutes
  • Consulting the physician is important after the surgery