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Which are the food and drinks you need to avoid after bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric Surgery: Take proper care

If you are planning for bariatric surgery, you must take proper care after the Surgery. It’s vital to consult the surgeon from time to time and consider all the necessary considerations regarding drinks and food. If you are planning for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery in Ludhiana, then make sure to manage everything so that all the required results are obtained and managed the way you want them to be.

When looking for a medical expert, always find the best bariatric surgeon who knows the right approach to the entire procedure. Similarly, if you are looking for a specialist, then you need to find the Best Ortho Doctor in Ludhiana for the proper management of your ortho health.

Drinks that you should not have after bariatric Surgery

A few drinks are known to affect the time it takes the stomach to heal. So, you must avoid some of the necessary drinks after bariatric Surgery, like:

  • Do not drink coffee for at least three months after Surgery
  • Carbonated beverages for at least three months after Surgery
  • Alcoholic drinks for around six months following surgery

Although after the stomach heals, there are a few drinks you need to avoid because the body can’t tolerate it. So, make sure that you do not include anything problematic in your diet that affects your health.

Food to avoid after Bariatric Surgery

Along with beverages, you need to avoid some necessary food options. Some of the food options that you should not have are:

  • Red meat that is extremely dry or tough to eat
  • High-fat food and greasy food
  • Reheating food in the microwave
  • Heavenly food or spicy food
  • Sugar alcohols which include erythritol, glycerol, mannitol, sorbitol, and xylitol

Proper diet is the key to making Bariatric surgery successful

Restricting the food and beverages is essential. As several things should be avoided. And this is the reason why the doctor suggests that you take proper care and heal like normal. This is why a proper diet and beverages are the key to improving everything.

Make sure to have a proper diet that includes all the essential ingredients like healthy vegetables and fruits. Therefore, it’s imperative to follow a well-balanced and nutritious diet. You should consult the doctor about the same if you struggle to follow the right diet plan.

Find a board-certified bariatric surgeon

You need to find a bariatric surgeon who is experienced and knows the right approach to handle everything. That way, you can discuss all the requirements and make an informed decision. The surgeon’s experience is the possible way to make things work appropriately.

Final word

After the Surgery, appropriate care is vital for smooth and safer results. So, if you have any doubt about bariatric surgery, do consult our bariatric surgeon at Hunjan Super-Speciality Hospital.

Bariatric Surgery

5 significant signs that you are a suitable candidate for bariatric surgery

Ideal Candidate For Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery)

Have you recently checked the search for, ‘When should i get bariatric surgery?’

Such thoughts get inclined when weight becomes a significant concern for well-being. If so, then you have to look for an ideal treatment plan. Indeed! It’s challenging to live an everyday life when the weight starts creating difficulty in daily life. In all this, you need to get the Bariatric and metabolic surgery in Ludhiana to manage your condition effectively. Also, keep in mind that the surgery aims not to make you feel skinny but help you feel healthy about yourself.

Five signs of undergoing bariatric surgery for weight loss treatment

When should I undergo bariatric surgery?

Sign 1: BMI is between 35 to 40 (Or maybe higher)

One of the first signs that you need to consult one of the best Bariatric and metabolic Surgeon in Punjab is that your BMI is more than 35 or even higher than 40. The normal BMI range is b/w 18.5 and 24.9. Studies have even shown that bariatric surgery reduces your chances of getting chronic illness and other severe health issues.

Sign 2: Dealing with chronic health issues due to weight

Your increase in weight or BMI higher than 40 has impacted your health negatively. That’s not all. You deal with severe weight-related health issues like high cholesterol, severe sleep apnea, blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and much more. So, to improve the quality of your life, you need to get the Bariatric treatment in Ludhiana to make your well-being better. The little help offered by bariatric surgery makes a lot of difference to your life.

Sign 3: Diet and exercise have not helped to lose weight

You have made all the possible efforts to reduce weight through diet and exercise, but nothing seems to make a difference. And when you consult the bariatric surgeon, he suggests making a change in lifestyle and helping you get weight loss surgery. Although, if you have been trying for quite some time now, undergoing bariatric treatment is the rightful approach to making your well-being better.

Sign 4: You are ready to make a difference in your daily lifestyle

After all this hustle & bustle, you are all prepared to make necessary changes to your lifestyle. The essential part is to change the way you eat and make sure your diet is as healthy and nutritious as possible. So, this is why you should get hold of your healthcare team and plan for bariatric surgery in Ludhiana.

Sign 5: The body weight is more than 100lbs (45 kg)

Just imagine your body weight is more than 45 kg. Losing such a significant amount of weight will take time and effort. Not just that, the pressure is out on the body, and bones are unbearable. It’s an extremely negative impact on the body when you have such a high level of excess body weight.