hip replacement surgery

A detailed guide to taking proper care of yourself after hip replacement

Recovery after hip replacement surgery

Undergoing surgery means taking good care of yourself. Otherwise, the results are not fruitful in the way you want. In case you have undergone Hip Replacement Surgery in Ludhiana, you must take proper care so that your body recovers like normal. Ideally, you need to give yourself a few weeks or months to recover from a hip replacement. Surgery aims to help the hip joint get its normal functioning back.

When you visit the Ortho Hospital in Ludhiana, the surgery requires removing the hip joint, sawing the femur head & hollowing the natural socket with the new head. The socket needs proper placement in the pelvis and artificial joint into the respective sections – Cup and stem. The choice of hip replacement is an essential consideration to improve overall functionality.

What happens after hip replacement surgery?

Hip replacement surgery is an essential procedure. After the surgery, you are under the effect of anesthesia. A triangle-shaped pillow between the legs is kept to make the position right. The wound is properly dressed.

You will feel a sensation in your leg after 1 hour. You need to take some medications to reduce the severity of the pain. Make sure that you exercise properly after the surgery to help your hip regain strength.

How is the routine after getting discharged from the hospital?

For every person, the recovery varies a lot. The timeline for recovery varies depending on weight, age, physical health, and damage. You need to take proper care after recovery and do things the way your surgeon has told you. Please use the walking aids as suggested by the surgeon. And do take into account all the other suggestions. The small things are crucial for success.

How to manage your home for recovery?

You need to manage your home in every possible bit. You must exercise and do all other activities as told by the doctor. Post-discharge care is indeed essential for successful results. The full recovery after hip replacement surgery takes time like:

  • After the hip replacement surgery, it’s normal to feel fatigue and tiredness. Additionally, you need to adjust everything to get things resolved. It takes around six weeks for you to resolve tiredness.

  • Make sure to follow the exercise suggested by your physiotherapist. Exercise at least 3 to 4 times a day. It’s better to make this habit last six weeks to strengthen the muscles and help offer joint support.

  • Swelling takes months to resolve. But, if you notice getting it worse, then consult the doctor right away.

  • Take help from your loved ones to do activities like cooking, cleaning, bathing, and running errands.

How soon can I get back to my daily regime after hip surgery?

6 weeks after surgery

3 months after surgery

6 months after surgery

  • Swimming (not breaststroke)

  • Water aerobics

  • Gentle exercise bike

  • Driving

  • Gentle jogging

  • Cycling

  • Swimming (breaststroke)

  • Aerobics

  • Bowls

  • Manual work

  • Gentle gardening

  • Racket sports

  • Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates

  • Lifting weights