What should you know about the calypso implant and MACI procedure?

People who are having trouble with their knees due to osteoarthritis can get quintessential relief from calypso devices. This device has finished the need of undergoing knee replacement surgery.

Where did the first experiment of the calypso device implantation take place?

It took place at Ohio University. The calypso device is nothing more than a knee protecting device that helps the knee to get rid of the extreme pressure. These are just like the cushions which perform various cartilage functions to maintain a healthy joint.

What was the predominant motive to bring about this device?

This device is brought about to eliminate the need to undergo knee replacement. In some cases, knee replacement surgery has to be performed. If you want to delay the surgery without the risk of getting encountered with complications, then you must try the calypso device.

Which attempts to replace the knee replacement surgery were called?

Initially, the doctors tried to incorporate the therapies, injections and various medications like anti-inflammatory pills, but everything failed. Then the doctors after painstaking research successfully come out with the calypso device which has been able to build the faith of the individuals.

How long does it take for a person to get completely recovered?

Usually, it takes a period of four to six months to get fully rehabilitated. No sooner have you recovered than you can benefit from the full functionality.

Is there any eligibility criteria for the person who wants to benefit from the calypso device?

The person must satisfy all the below-mentioned credentials of the eligibility criteria:

    • The age of the patient should be in the 25 to 654 years age group.
    • The BMI of the patient should be less than 35.
    • The weight should be less than 300 pounds
    • The flexion of the knee should be either of the following:
    • >=90 degrees
    • <=140 degrees

How was the first patient chosen for experimenting with a calypso implant?

The experimental surgery was performed on the retired firefighter whose name was Chuck Stenger. The surgery was successful. He also began to recover at a speedy rate. Within a few days, he started walking around the house without the help of the crutches.

Which mechanism is followed for the implantation of the calypso device?

First of all, the incision is made. The 4 to 5 inches long incision helps the surgeon to reach the soft tissue of the knee. The exterior structure of the knee joint is placed with this device. Because of the accurate placement, the bones and the ligaments are not displaced or altered.

Who is the perfect candidate for this?

If the individual is suffering from isolated osteoarthritis and the pain is significantly getting localised in the area.

Who cannot enjoy the benefit of this modern technique?

Following people cannot be benefited from the technique:

    • Those who are having arthritis through the knee
    • Those who are experiencing bone transformations during the imaging tests
    • Those who are having the bone-on-bone arthritis

Why does the inner portion of the knee deteriorate rapidly?

When we stand, immense pressure is caused on the internal component of the knee. So that portion is prone to deteriorate at a faster rate.

What is MACI?

The novel technique aims at regrowing the cartilage present in the knee with the help of the transplanted cells. This is emerging as one of the best ways to repair the damaged knee.

How is MACI carried out?

MACI is divided into stages:

    • Stage 1: Cell Biopsy

In the first stage, after the cell biopsy, the lab technicians monitor the growth of those cells until they form the cartilage. Usually, this process takes the time of four to six weeks.

    • Stage 2: Infusion of the cells

Once the cartilage is prepared, then it is replaced with the damaged cartilage. This is the most efficient procedure which helps to retain the functionality.

An important point to note

This technique has changed the life of many people since earlier there were no method which can help to get rid of the cartilage defect

How can cartilage get damaged?

Cartilage never gets damaged with a single injury. If you are perpetually facing injuries, then your cartilage may get completely damaged. The sportsperson who has to run a lot for their sports practice usually suffers from this problem if their knees are misaligned.

One major cause

Osteoarthritis has the potential to significantly damage the cartilage.

Bottom Line

So many procedures keep on astonishing us with their approaches to target the specific knee problem. Calypso implant and the MACI are among them. These have helped many people to resume their routine activities with the same power as they used to have when they were fit and fine.