Orthopedic doctor

What are the Different Types of Orthopedic Doctors you have to know?

Finding the appropriate specialist to get you moving again pain-free is crucial if you’ve ever experienced bone, joint, or muscular discomfort. There are several various types of orthopedic pain, including acute, chronic, and intermittent. It could be brought on by an illness, an injury, or overuse. Finding the best kind of doctor for your needs is the key to recovery.

After medical school, orthopedics is a specialty that requires years of study. Many orthopedic specialists develop subspecialties or body part-specific expertise. They might hone their expertise in treating particular body parts as a result.

Here are a few popular types of orthopedic doctors:

Hand surgeons handle problems with the wrist and hands. After evaluating your specific problem, they might advise physical therapy, medications, injections, or the use of a brace, splint, or cast. Additionally, they might do therapeutic procedures like surgery. Hand surgeons can treat a variety of disorders, including carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, trigger finger, Dupuytren’s contracture, hand or wrist fractures, ganglion cysts, and sprained or broken fingers.

The primary focus of the work of arm and shoulder specialists is on diseases and/or issues involving the arm and shoulder. In addition to surgery, various treatments including therapeutic injections, physical therapy, therapeutic exercises, and immobilization are frequently effective in treating a variety of arm and shoulder conditions. Arm and shoulder specialists commonly treat issues such as arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis like tennis or golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff tears, dislocated shoulders, frozen shoulders, and fractures.

Joint replacement surgeries are among the steps of the scientific method orthopedic surgeons perform successfully. These could include revisions of previous joint replacements, total shoulder replacements, reverse shoulder replacements, total knee replacements, partial knee replacements, total hip replacements, and partial hip replacements. One or two major joints may be the sole focus of some orthopedic surgeons. Surgery may be performed using minimally invasive procedures, the classic or open method, or both, depending on your unique situation. You can rest easy knowing that your surgeon has the training, experience, and skills necessary to handle any surgical demands you could have.

Sports medicine specialists are orthopedic physicians who focus on managing illnesses and injuries arising from athletic activity or participation in sports. This covers any injuries you might sustain while exercising or participating in a sport, as well as any illnesses you might experience in such an environment. There are several similarities between sports medicine and other types of orthopedic experts. As a result, you might be able to visit various orthopedic specialists for treatment.

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