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Do Not Suffer The Pain: Get Yourself A Knee Replacement Surgery!

With old age, you might notice a lot of health-related issues especially a constant pain in your joints and back. The right treatment is a crucial thing for the patient who is 70 to 80 years old, with the required surgery and additional or complementary medicines like physical therapy, one can overcome the pain in the knee.

Most of the patients who underwent a Knee Replacement in Ludhiana have seen a good recovery with

  • Improvement in the function of the knee
  • Noticing less pain in the knee

Eligibility For Knee Replacement Surgery

  • People suffering from knee pain that impacts their daily life activity, and become a hurdle in performing a normal task, and has not seen any improvement from nonsurgical treatments like weight loss, exercise, or medication are suitable to get a knee replacement surgery

They might suffer from the following :

  • They would have some difficulty in walking, going up and down the stairs or walking for long-distance can be troublesome.
  • While resting you might feel severe pain, which may disrupt you during your sleep.
  • Inflammation or swelling on the area of the knee, which is not curable with any medicines.

Tell Your Medical History!

Patients who suffer from certain health problems must tell their medical history to their doctor in Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana so as not to face any complications during knee replacement surgery.

  • Patients with uncontrollable diabetes must need some proper exercise, diet, insulin pills to improve or lower the sugar level before the surgery.
  • Obesity also needs to be controlled by a diet plan made with a professional diet consultant or even go barbaric procedure before the surgery.
  • If the patient is suffering from any dental problems like loose teeth or cavities, they should complete their treatment before the knee replacement surgery, to not get bacteria from the mouth to the knee through the bloodstream.
  • Reduce your nicotine addiction if you are an active smoker, with the help of a physician restrict your cravings.

Some Preparation That Could Reduce The Task Of The Patient

  • Arrange the meals with the help of the friend, spouse, or caretaker.
  • A driver should be arranged as the patient is not allowed to drive for 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery.
  • Avoid stairs as much as possible and try to be on the same floor.
  • Should carry some cold packs to alleviate swelling in the surgical area.
Final Comments!

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