Procedure, Preparation, and Various Factors You Need To Know For Arthroscopy

What is Arthroscopy

It is a procedure used by doctors for diagnosing and treating joint problems. Doctors recommend it when you have inflammation in joints, an injured or damaged joint, etc. Consult the best doctors for arthroscopy surgery cost in Ludhiana and various other things. You will get the best guidance from the doctor.

Usually, people get the surgery done and are discharged on the same day. The Best Ortho Surgeon in Ludhiana performs this surgery and has achieved the best results. People get arthroscopy done on any joint. It is generally done in the wrist, ankles, knee, shoulder, elbow, and hips. This surgery can be performed on an Out-patient basis

Doctors insert a tool called an arthroscope during this surgery through small cuts to check the damage. They treat those damages during the surgery. 

How to Prepare for Arthroscopy

  • Be open to your doctor about your medical history and the vitamins you take.
  • You should wear clothes that are easy to wear and remove and avoid jewelry, watches, and other valuable items.
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything the night before the surgery unless it is advised by your doctor.

Arthroscopy Procedure

Your surgeon will treat you either in the hospital or the OPD. The surgeon will give you the anesthesia according to your problem. He will also numb the area where the surgery is to be performed. 

To diagnose the problem, the doctor will insert a pencil-thin instrument through a small buttonhole-sized incision. This instrument used by the doctor has a camera and light to see the image of your joint. They may also use a sterile fluid to widen the image by injecting it into the joint to enhance the clarity of the image.

Through the image, the surgeon will decide the surgery suitable for you. He will insert special tools to cut, shave, grasp, and anchor stitches to your bone. These tools are inserted through smaller cuts called portals.

If the patent requires traditional surgery, It will be done simultaneously with arthroscopic surgery.

They will remove the arthroscope and other tools and close the wound with either special tape or stitches.

Recovery after Arthroscopy

Afterward, the staff will escort you to the recovery room to rest for one hour or more. There will be some pain, and the doctor will prescribe you medicines and exercises. You can also take aspirin to prevent blood clots if prescribed by doctors.

You should use ice for the first 24 hours to lower swelling. If the surgery is done on the knee, raise the leg to reduce pain. Abstain alcohol at all costs.

You can also need crutches to support you during the healing period.

You can also consult the doctor in case of fever, pain that gets worse, 

numbness or tingling, smelly and discolored fluid leaking from the wound, etc, which rarely happens. 

You can remove the bandages and cover the incisions with small strips. The doctor will remove the stitches after one or two weeks.

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