Knee replacement

Wrapping up all important tips for knee replacement surgery

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

The count of total knee replacement surgery is increasing with time. The effectiveness of the treatment and how all the patients get necessary information under the supervision of an ortho surgeon bring utmost precision in everything. And that’s why when you visit the Ortho Hospital in Ludhiana, all your doubts are cleared, and the doctor makes sure you are informed on what needs to be done.

Being mindful of the entire process brings utmost ease and perfection to everything. And the blog will highlight all the necessary tips to ensure you undergo Knee Replacement in Punjab without stressing about anything.

Know more about knee replacement surgery:

What happens to the knee during the replacement surgery?

The TRS is best for arthritis, or when a knee gets injured, that leads to pain & problem completing all tasks. During surgery, the problematic part gets removed safely and then put in with a synthetic or metal implant to make movement pain-free. When you visit the Ortho Hospital in Ludhiana, the surgeon tells you everything beforehand and if there are any methods to prepare yourself for surgery.

How do I sleep at night?

While you rest at night, keep your body in the right position. The said approach brings a difference in recovery and makes it easier to go through recovery. Moreover, there’s the problem of straightening and bending the knees. In case there’s any doubt, you have to talk about the same with the Orthopedic Surgeon in Ludhiana for effective management.

You must get proper knee functioning and give it at least two weeks. Make sure you lay on your back, keep your legs straight, and your knees should point towards the ceiling. Do not sleep on the side with bent knees.

What exercises are best to perform after the surgery?

Following surgery, you must begin doing physical therapy to ease yourself with the entire process. Here are some of the best exercises that you should follow after undergoing knee replacement surgery:

  • Ankle pumps

You need to lay on your back and pump the ankles up & down like you press the car gas.

  • Quadriceps sets

The quadriceps involves laying flat on the back and rolling a small towel under the knee, and then the knee needs to press the towel roll.

  • Gluteal sets

Gluteal sets lie flat on the back and squeeze the buttocks together. And holding them.

Apart from these, there’s assisted knee straightening and knee bending. Your physical therapist and ortho surgeon can tell you better which options are best for you.

How should I easily go up and down stairs with a cane?

You should go down the stairs by holding the railing and keep the cane in the opposite hand. Make sure to take one step at a time and use non-operative legs to smoothly take one step at a time. While going down, you should take one step at a time so that your knees don’t have to go through excess pressure.