What are the 3 topmost reasons you need to get the joint aspiration?

Arthritis, joint injury, and infection, all of them are linked with swelling and inflammation. The swelling is the reason where there is excess fluid inside of the joint capsule. In such cases, the ortho doctor will remove the excess fluid. In medical terms, this procedure is known as joint aspiration or arthrocentesis. Make sure that you visit the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana, to get the procedure done with precision.

What Is Arthrocentesis (Joint Aspiration)?

In this approach, the excess fluid is removed from the joint. This procedure is quick and safe. During the treatment, the doctor will give you local anesthesia which reduces the pain and discomfort. The doctor will use medical imaging (ultrasound) to make sure the needle is inserted in the right place. The surgeon’s skills and experience will help to reduce the damage and risk of surrounding tissues.

What are the reasons doctors suggest joint aspiration?

Well! There are 3 major reasons for which the doctor suggest this surgical option which includes:

    • Need to get a precise and accurate diagnosis

Inside of the joint, fluid presence will be checked to understand or rule out the exact reason. Like the doctor might look at the sample and if there is the presence of microscopic crystals then there is pseudogout or gout. The sample may be sent to the lab to look for the:

    • Check the fluid under the microscope.
    • Do the gram stain and culture stain
    • Do chemical analysis on the fluid

Sometimes, simply looking at the fluid can help. Like if it is pink or red fluids then it means there is the presence of blood & injury. In case, the fluid is yellow it means septic arthritis.

Swelling makes the joint painful and stiff

Arthritis and other joint issues might be the reason you have swelling which makes the pain worse and lead to stiffness. In such a case, the individual is not able to bend or straighten it because of the swelling. This is the reason, the doctor will suggest you get joint aspiration as it will reduce the pressure and reduce the severity of the symptoms. If the swelling occurs again, then the doctor will suggest you get it done again.

Infection is triggering

In case, there is an infection, even then the doctor suggests joint aspiration. The doctor will suggest injecting an arthritic joint with therapeutic liquid, cortisone, or hyaluronic acid which comes along with this treatment. Before joint aspiration is done and then the liquid is injected. Taking out the excess fluid will help your joints a lot. In most cases, it is done on the joint. People can recover after the treatment or you can say they start feeling better. In some cases, they do need to get the joint rested for some time.

A safe and effective procedure

If you need to get the joint aspiration, our ortho doctor can provide you with the same. No matter what your ortho-related issues are, our doctor will suggest to you the best treatment plan which improves your condition and you can live a better & quality of life!