Knee replacement

5 essential things to know about robotic knee replacement surgery

Are you planning to get robotic knee replacement surgery?

Individuals dealing with arthritis might wonder to seek the best solution for themselves. No doubt, there’s not a cure yet, but all thanks to medical advancement, the technology, and treatment options are evolving with time. So, if an individual is dealing with arthritis knee pain due to osteoarthritis, then undergoing knee replacement surgery allows them to seek effective results and feel the best about themselves in all possible ways. If you are dealing with this situation, you should look for a top-rated Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana to manage everything and getrself a personalized treatment plan.

One thing is sure with medical advancement, many things have transformed, and it allows individuals to feel the best about themselves. Now, let’s talk you through the five most crucial and practical things about modern-tech-based surgery for Knee Replacement in Ludhiana.

5 essential things to know about robotic knee replacement

Who is the ideal candidate for robotic knee replacement?

On your initial visit to the Ortho surgeon in Punjab, you are not told that you have to get the surgery. Proper medical evaluation is carried out to make your situation better and then plan for surgical treatment. Some of the crucial factors that are analyzed are:

  • If any anti-inflammatory medication you are taking
  • Weight loss through exercise and diet
  • Cortisone shots
  • Knee braces
  • Physical therapy

Compared to the traditional knee replacement approach, the robotic one allows for better placement, and all the things are effectively done to make patient health better.

The robot does not carry out robotic knee replacement

There is no truth to the statement: ‘Robotic knee replacement is performed 100% by the robot.’ Under this scenario, the robotic arm is ideal for getting everything done effectively. The assisted technology approach ensures precision, safety, and effectiveness are better. Therefore, the nearby surrounding tissues are not even damaged.

Robotic-assisted technology does not require much the recovery time

No doubt, robotic-assisted technology is still in the process of being studied. Although as much study has been done, it has shown effectiveness in the treatment and patient quality of life is improved. In a traditional knee replacement, the patient cannot get back to everyday daily life even after 4 to 6 weeks. However, with robotic knee replacement, that has been reduced to half. Overall, this surgical plan does wonders in all possible ways.

Improved accuracy comes with better precision

Robotic knee replacement allows the surgeon to carefully analyze the patient’s knee anatomy and perform the necessary procedure accordingly. The surgery allows the joint pain, numbness, and stiffness to get addressed effectively. So, this surgical option is imperative in assisting the patient towards healthy well-being.

Ortho surgeon expertise plays an imperative part

With robotic-assisted surgery, the surgeon’s expertise plays an integral part; just like any other procedure, you need to be mindful while opting for a knee replacement surgeon.