Knee replacement

5 essential things to know about robotic knee replacement surgery

Are you planning to undergo robotic knee replacement surgery?

Indeed! Being a new surgical procedure, you might have different questions on your mind. Total knee replacement surgery or knee arthroplasty is a surgical treatment to correct knee damage or any severe injury. During the Robotic Knee Replacement in Ludhiana, the doctor uses a specialized and modern approach to perform the treatment with utmost ease and comfort. Before discussing some of the few essential factors to know about the surgery, let me enlighten you about robotic knee replacement surgery.

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

The robotic knee replacement surgery, when performed at one of the renowned Ortho Hospital in Punjab, the surgeon takes care of every possible factor. The treatment requires the use of a robotic arm controlled and managed by the ortho doctor. The robotic knee replacement is a highly effective approach that improves the entire process and performs a special kind of analysis. Throughout the surgery, the surgeon maps out everything and ensures you have the safest, most effective, and desired outcome.

5 things to know about robotic knee replacement surgery

Factor 1: Is the robotic knee replacement right for me?

To get the benefit of robotic knee replacement, it’s not necessary that you have to be an exceptional candidate. If the Best Ortho Doctor in Punjab has suggested to you that you can undergo TKR, then you are an ideal candidate for the surgery. Instead of the other conservative procedure, the robotic knee replacement helps you better move and even helps with pain relief.

Moreover, technological advancement allows us to boost surgical outcomes effectively. All in all, the way it works makes it a practical approach.

Factor 2: How is the surgery performed?

Being a technological advancement, the use of a robotic arm operated by the surgeon performs surgery. Depending on your condition, the doctor suggests the most appropriate option for you. A robotic arm helps to plan everything through the most reliable approach. The surgeon cuts and implants the required part in the location.

Factor 3: Does robotic knee replacement improve accuracy?

YES! It does. The doctor performs the incision safely and accurately in the desired place. By doing so, the surrounding area won’t get damaged. This allows the patient to feel natural in the joints after the surgery.

Factor 4: How much time does it take to recover?

Robotic knee replacement is an advanced approach that substantially reduces recovery time. Whether you talk about surgical precision or accuracy, everything is just perfect. Many patients can feel better and walk within 7 to 10 days of undergoing surgery.

Factor 5: Does it improve the patient’s quality of life?

Yes! The patient quality of life gets improved effectively. You can feel better within a less period, and the need for rehabilitation gets extremely less.