A Comprehensive And Brief Note To Understand Everything About Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder surgeries are very common in the United States. More than 80,000 people get these surgeries done every year. Shoulder replacement surgery is also known as shoulder arthroplasty. The shoulder is the ball socket for all joints. When you feel any minor symptom, you should go to an orthologist. The head of the upper arm bone is fixed into this socket, which moves the arm.

Shoulder replacement surgery

Shoulder surgery is also called shoulder arthroplasty. The damaged part of the shoulder is removed, and the metal pieces are inserted to cure the pain in the shoulder. The shoulder is a ball socket joint. The head of the bone fits in the socket. The joint of the shoulder is responsible for the movements. It is an essential joint of the body.   

Reasons for the shoulder replacement

There are many reasons to get shoulder replacement surgery done. This surgery can give you relief from pain. The reason for the replacement of the shoulder.

  • Wear-and-tear arthritiswear-and-tear arthritis is called Osteoarthritis, And it damages the cartilage. The ends of bones are covered with cartilage. It is helpful for smooth joint movement.
  • Injuries Rotator cuff: It is a group of muscles and tendons. The rotator cuff surrounds the shoulder joint. Damage to cartilage and bone can injure the rotator cuff.
  • Fractures: Humerus is the longest bone in the human body. Any fracture in the humerus needs replacement. The prior surgery of fracture fixation failed inflammatory disorders. An overactive immune system causes
  •  Inflammatory disorders. The inflammation is lined with rheumatoid arthritis. This Rheumatoid arthritis damages the cartilage and the joint bone.
  • Osteonecrosis. Some shoulder conditions can affect blood flow in the humerus. When a bone is famished with blood, it can collapse.

Treatment of shoulder replacement

The damaged area of bone is cured with surgeries only. It depends on the condition of the damage. Doctors can suggest the type of treatment according to the condition of the damage. 

  • Anatomic total shoulder replacement: in this replacement, the ball and the socket are both replaced. The implants look like the natural shape of the bones.
  • Reverse total shoulder replacement: The ball and the socket are both replaced. The implants are reversed in reverse shoulder surgeries. The ball is joined to the shoulder blade. The socket is joined to the upper arm bone. This option is preferred when the rotator cuff is severely damaged.
  • Partial shoulder replacement: Only the replacement of the head takes place. When only the ball side joint is damaged, then doctors suggest this surgery. 

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Symptoms for shoulder replacement

The patient faces a few symptoms of shoulder replacement. There are some most common symptoms. 

  • The pain is severe 
  • Face difficulties while sleeping.
  • Worse pain can cause difficulties in your regular activities.
  • Weakness in shoulder
  • Difficulties in shoulder movement 

If you feel any symptoms, you need to go to an orthologist.

Risk of shoulder surgeries

Patients can face many complications after the surgery treatment.

  • Dislocation: There is the possibility of the ball joint coming out from the socket.
  • Fracture: after the surgery, the humerus bone, the scapula or the glenoid bone can break
  • Loosening Implant: Shoulder replacement elements are durable, but they may loosen or become weak over time. The patient may need another surgery to replace the loose components.
  • Failure Rotator cuff: The group of muscles and tendons that surround the rotator cuff sometimes wear out after a partial or total anatomic shoulder replacement.
  • Nerve damage. Nerves in the area where the implant is placed can be injured. Nerve damage can cause numbness, weakness and pain.
  • Blood clots. The blood clotting occurs in veins. Clotting of blood can be life-threatening because it stops the flow of blood. If the blood can not flow in the body, other parts can not work properly. 
  • Infection. There is an infection at the incision site and in the deeper tissue that leads to another problem.

The benefit of shoulder surgery is it can relieve pain and increase the movement and functions of the shoulder. 

The surgeries are quite expensive. The average cost is 300000-500000 in India. The shoulder surgery cost is less than the Hip Replacement Surgery. Many surgeons perform shoulder surgery across the world, but the best doctors are there at Hunjan Hospital.