Arthroscopy: What It Is, Why Is It Use, And Its Risk Factors?

Arthroscopy is a method that the doctor uses to diagnose and also treat the problems related to the joints. In an Arthroscopy Surgery In Punjab, the surgeon inserts a very narrow tube that is attached to a fiber-optic video camera. The doctor completes the process through the small incisions, which are almost the size of a buttonhole.

The doctor views the images of the inside of the joint on the screen of a high-definition video monitor.

In short, it allows the Orthopedic surgeon In Punjab to have a look at the inside of the joint without daring to make a large incision. Not only that, but the surgeons can also repair certain complications or types of joint damage at the time of arthroscopy. The doctor can complete the task with the help of pencil-like thin surgical equipment that they insert through the additional small incisions.

Why Do One Undergo Arthroscopy?

Some of the most common joint conditions are:

  • Knee

  • Shoulder

  • Elbow

  • Ankle

  • Hip

  • Wrist

Diagnostics Procedures

Most of the time, the doctor often turns towards arthroscopy in case they notice that the X-rays or some other imaging studies were not able to pick the exact diagnosis of the causes, which leaves the questions unanswered.

Surgical Procedure

We have also listed down some of the cognition that the doctor can treat with the help of arthroscopy equipment:

  • Loose bone fragments

  • Damaged or torn cartilage

  • Inflamed joint linings

  • Torn ligaments

  • Scarring within joints

What Are The Risks Of arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is generally a very safe and mild method that does not evoke any kind of complication in them. It is, in fact, very uncommon to see any risk related to arthroscopy. However, these are some risk factors that you should stay vary of during the arthroscopic surgery.

  • Tissues and nerve damage

There might be some situation wherein the placement and also the movement of the equipment of arthroscopy which is within the joint can somehow manage to damage the structure of the joint.

  • Infection

Another problem that you might notice has an infection because of arthroscopy. It is a common fact that any type of invasive surgery can lead to the risk of infection. And just like that, arthroscopy is no different than others. Although the chances of such an infection are very low, it is wise to be cautious.

  • Blood clots

Blood clots are another risk factor of arthroscopy. However, it is a rare cognition, as it is not common to notice any risk of blood clots in a surgery that runs for at least longer than an hour. The blood clot is usually developed in the area of the legs and lungs.

What To Expect During Arthroscopy?

  • The doctor will ask you to remove your clothes and jewelry and wear hospital shorts or gowns.

  • Afterward, the nurse will place an intravenous catheter in your forearm or hand and inject you with mild anesthesia.


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