Back Pain back surgery

When is back surgery considered as the appropriate solution by doctors?

One of the common questions asked by the patients when they visit the Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana is, ‘When is back surgery the right choice?’. In case the pain is related to mechanical issues, then you need to immediately consult the doctor for Spine Surgery In Ludhiana. 

Spinal fusion procedure

During spinal fusion, the surgeon joints large spine bones which are 2 adjacent vertebrae and this is formed in one single unit. One of the common reasons to get fusion is spondylolisthesis in which the vertebrae are misaligned from their position. Through metal screws, it will get the stabilization.

Damaged discs

The need for surgery will improve in case the pain is traced to the spinal disc. In such cases, the procedure is known as a discectomy. The spinal disc becomes stiff and it breaks down & the sides will come out which starts pressing the nerves. They may be herniated (open), which makes them soft. In case, you want immediate pain relief then you can undergo a discectomy.

Surgery for spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a common problem as the spine age. In such cases, the space present around the spinal cord will narrow down. Bone overgrowth and bulging discs often result in narrowing which ultimately presses the nerves and leads to pain.

Patients can try to get relief through pain relievers and physical therapy but sometimes the problem gets in excess that the patient cannot move around. In such a case, surgery is the best choice. The spine surgeon will suggest you get a laminectomy and this helps to reduce pain by 90%.

No slippage? No fusion

Spinal fusion is only the best choice for spinal stenosis if the vertebra has slipped from its place and reached its nearby area. In medical terms. It is referred to as spondylolisthesis. You must talk to the doctor and understand better what should be done to address the issue correctly.

What is conservative care for back pain?

Some of the important measures which you need to take care to manage the existing back pain before you get the surgery:

  • Wait

One of the time-tested ways to deal with back pain is to give time. In most cases, time can help to reduce the pain. But if back pain comes along with symptoms like loss of bowel movement or fever, then you need to consult the doctor right away.

  • Ice and heat are helpful

If the back pain is at an acute stage, then ice can help to lessen the intensity of swelling. After a few days, you should use heat. It helps in providing utmost comfort and blood flow is in the right amount to the injured areas & stiffness is reduced.

  • Take pain medications as needed

Take the pain medications as suggested by the doctor as it will reduce the inflammation and pain. But, make sure that you do not take them in excess.

  • Stay physically

You need to stay physically fit, so it is better that you do not lay all day long. Come out from your bed and walk around.