Knee replacement orthopaedic

What are the benefits of undergoing robotic knee replacement surgery?

The exactly appropriate cure for arthritis has not been found yet. But for a long-term-relief, the treatment options are getting better and better. Nowadays people are heavily relying on robotic knee replacement surgery for curing severe knee ailments. This approach is admired because it requires a quintessentially shorter recovery time to get healed and the patient can surely enjoy the everlasting results.

What happened in the traditional knee replacement procedure?
No doubt, the motive of the traditional and the robotic approach to help with knee replacement is the same. Both the procedures aim at replacing the damaged tissue of the knee joints with artificial joints. The slight difference between the two is that the traditional approach is carried out with total manual efforts but as we talk about the robotic knee replacement surgery, then it is carried out with the help of the assisted arm.

Does robotic surgery mean that the robot will completely be responsible for carrying out all the stages of the procedure?
The use of robotic-assisted arms is taken into account to accomplish the procedure with precision and perfection. But it does not surely mean that the robot will solely carry out the entire surgery. The robotic arm will assist the doctor to make sure the artificial joint is prepared and positioned right.

When will the doctor recommend knee replacement surgery to you?
The doctors will never suggest you undergo the surgery during the first visit. Initially, he will try to treat you with the medications and the minimally invasive treatment approaches which may include the following:

• Intake of the anti-inflammatory medications
• Physical therapy and the knee braces
• Weight loss through the modifications in the lifestyle
• Cortisone shots
If you do not get relief from the aforesaid treatment alternatives, only then the doctor will recommend you to undergo knee replacement surgery.

For how long do the artificial joints may last?
The artificial joints may last for 15 to 25 years.

What is the predominant advantage of using the robotic-assisted arm during the procedure?
Carrying out the surgery through a robotic approach prevents you from accidentally damaging any of the surrounding and the adjoining tissue.

What are the recovery benefits of robotic knee replacement surgery?
Undergoing robotic knee replacement surgery allows you to resume the activities like driving and continuing work in less than 4 weeks. This is the biggest advantage because, in the case of traditional surgery, it requires the patient to refrain from such activities for absolutely 2 months.

Bottom Line
The patient may also feel satisfied after the surgery. The robotic surgery is performed with extreme precision, perfection and accuracy so that the patient does not feel that his knee joint is implanted with something artificial. This procedure is accountable for providing comforting and satisfying results.

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