Bone Health
Bone Health

Can Diabetes Take Hold Of Your Bone Health?

Are you aware?

An increase in your diabetes is known for affecting bone health adversely.

Are you diabetic? Then this blog is a must-read for you…It’s important to be aware in the first place so that in the future there is no trouble. In case, your bone health starts to show a difference or makes your life troublesome, then it’s time that you visit one of the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana.

Did you know?

Diabetic people are at higher risk of fracture. Moreover, 20% of people with type 1 diabetes are at increased risk of getting osteoporosis at the age of 60. The research has even pointed out that women are at increased risk of getting diabetes.

Diabetes can affect the bone quality

If someone is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes then their bone density might not get affected but the bone quality will decline. This is the reason, the chances of having a bone fracture are 3 times more as compared to normal. Moreover, the woman has an increased chance of getting fractures in the hip, upper arm, and foot.

On the other hand, cases of gestational diabetes are not linked with negative bone health. Additionally, the fracture risk is also not much in such cases. But, that does not mean you can be careless, get yourself routinely checked under the supervision of an Orthopaedic surgeon In Punjab so that the problem does not get severe.

Current research on diabetes and bone health

To some extent, there are certain cases that the bone strength is affected along with bone mass, geometry, and bone matrix patients along with microarchitecture. As per the current view, the stats shows the given information:

  • The prevalence rate of Type 1 diabetes is more at a young age but it reaches a higher level as you hit the mark of 20. At this point, there are chances of your bone strength and density to get down. If your knees are getting impacted to a great extent then better know how you can benefit from Knee Replacement in Ludhiana.
  • No matter which type of diabetes you have, your body will have extremely low Vitamin D. This nutrient is the key factor to the bone in keeping up with the bone density.
  • As the blood glucose level surges the bone quality & strength decline.
  • If your body does not have the right level of insulin then you are going to face a problem.

Are there any complications due to diabetes for bone?

There are several complications that can trigger due to diabetes like:

  • Nerve damage
  • Vision Loss
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Hypoglycaemic Episode

All these factors and much more can increase the chances of fracture

Be cautious!

In case, if it has been too long that you have any sort of diabetes and it is not managed for a long time then your chances of having a fracture will increase.

Do you have diabetes?

Better consult the doctor at the earliest, because most of the time individuals don’t know they have osteoporosis. So, make sure that you always get medical assistance on time to make sure your health is going in the right direction.

Do you have any concerns?

Schedule your initial consultation at Hunjan Super-Speciality Hospital. Even in case you want yourself to get a routine ortho health check-up, our doctors will take care of the same.