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Prevention & Treatment of Common Orthopaedic Problems in Aged People

You must have heard people saying that orthopedic problems in old age are common, but the biggest issue because of which these orthopedic problems become serious is the unawareness in people about this health issue.

And in the serious stage of their problem, they’ll be looking for the best orthopedic hospital in Ludhiana.

The major reason behind creating this blog is to make people aware of the prevention and treatment of common orthopedic problems in old age with the help of which people can cure minor issues at their home only.

Secondly, this blog will help you know when is the right time to visit a doctor and start the treatment.

Common Orthopaedic Problems Faced in Old Age

 As we grow old, our body starts showing a lot of problems, and orthopedic problems are some of the major issues faced. Let us have a look at some of them:

  • The first and most common problem faced is osteoarthritis, in which the hands, ankles, fingers, and knees are majorly targeted. Under this issue, the person would not be able to complete his/her daily tasks because the flexibility from their joints will be reduced.
  • As people grow old, the nutrients and other important factors start decreasing in their body which leads to lower bone strength, and due to this problem, people face a lot of fractures.
  • When you are young and if you fall, your body can easily bear it, but when you are old, you cannot bear such things, and that leads to bone dislocation as well, which is the third most common orthopedic problem faced.
  • You can also face tooth breakage issues in such cases, and in that situation, you can visit the best dentist in Ludhiana, which is Hunjan Hospital.
  • The final and other most common orthopedic problem is reducing bone mass in old age people. Due to this issue, they face a lot of pain-related issues.

Orthopaedic Problems Prevention Tips For Old Age People

 Here are some basic tips with the help of which you can prevent yourself from orthopedic problems.

  • Make sure that you are maintaining a healthy weight no matter if you are in your old age. Most orthopedic problems take place in people who have a higher body weight.
  • Ensure that you are moving your body in a way or two. You can go for evening walks on a daily basis, in this way you can easily stay active and energetic. Hence your chances for orthopedic problems decrease.
  • Never wear tight shoes; make sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes that offer soft soles. In this way, you can keep yourself away from any type of fall that can lead to orthopedic problems later.
  • Create a habit of weekly or monthly checkups with your doctor, with the help of which you can know about your overall health.


 Minor orthopedic problems in old age can become serious in no time. Hence make sure that you are taking care of yourself and the old age people around you. If you are looking for the best orthopedic hospital, Hunjan Hospital is the right place for you.