Joint Replacement Surgery

Answering All Questions In Details Regarding Joint Replacement Surgery

You should definitely not take the joint replacement surgery very lightly. If you are constantly struggling with chronic pain in the joint, then it is the perfect decision for you.

In most cases, it begins as a simple twinge in your shoulder, especially when you try to reach above your head. Or it can also be an ache in your hip or know after some hike. However, you must understand that once the joint pain stays there for a long period of time, there is no going back easily. It would also affect your daily activities. In such a situation, you must seek expert advice on joint replacement surgery from the Orthopedic Surgeon in Ludhiana. 

Joint Pain And Joint Replacement

Many potential causes could lead to joint pain. However, the most common reason is undoubtedly Osteoarthritis. In this situation, the cartilage cushions your bone wears down after some time. This leads the bones to rub against each other resulting in swelling, pain, and stiffness. Some of the other causes that lead to joint pain include infection, injury, bursitis, and different varieties of arthritis.

In the joint replacement surgery, the doctor in the Ortho centre in Punjab eliminates the damaged joint and then proceeds to replace them with a prosthesis (an artificial joint). Materials to make Prostheses include metal, ceramic, and plastic.

When Should You Seek Help For Joint Pain?

You should not hesitate to seek Joint Replacement Surgery in Ludhiana from the doctors if your joint pain is interrupting your way to completing normal activities. If the pain is causing difficulty in sleeping, doing your regular exercise, or if it makes it challenging for you to take care of yourself, then there is a higher probability of having other health issues. Some of those health conditions include high blood pressure or diabetes. Undergoing the proper treatment procedure might help you return to your healthy regime while retaining your quality of life. 

What Are The Options For Joint Replacement Surgery?

Before you finalize any decisions, it is very important to see your doctor and evaluate the real culprit of the pain. Do not hesitate to answer all the questions regarding your health that the doctor might ask you.

Some of the questions involve:

When did you notice the pain?”

“Do you experience pain while walking, getting up from a chair, standing, or moving in and out of the car?”

Apart from that, your doctor will also ask you to undergo some MRIs or X-rays in order to get a better visualization of the joint. Based on your result, your surgeon would suggest you the following treatment procedure:

  1. Physical therapy
  2. Injections to the joint
  3. Medications
  4. Weight loss
  5. Or a combination of all the treatments.

Even if you are undergoing surgery, undergoing these treatments might shorten the recovery time, or it can also improve the outcome.

Apart from that, your surgeon will also look at all the factors before recommending surgery.