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Can total knee replacement surgery results get affected by diabetes?

Punjab: Patients planning to get total knee replacement surgery often have diabetes. This situation makes them wonder whether it can impact the treatment results or not. The stats have shown that arthritis is one of the common ortho problems which demands attention & at times surgical intervention is the only way to make the situation better. Getting the Knee Replacement in Ludhiana is the right way to address the problem and ensure that it does not get worse with time.

What are the post-surgical complications which are linked to diabetes?

One of the researchers has pointed out that those getting knee arthroplasty & having diabetes will have more complications. But this situation occurs when blood sugar levels are not under control. This situation is likely to trigger several conditions like:

  • Increased risk of infection
  • Fracture around the impact
  • Joint loosening

Moreover, the studies have even pointed out that there is a risk of deep vein thrombosis, & stroke after the surgery. Just make sure that you get the treatment from one of the leading Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana.

Research, ‘Diabetes is not the reason for negative or improper surgical outcomes’

The results of the study are enough to give you the relief that there is no issue whether you have diabetes or not. It has shown that the complication rate is not that high or to a level that can create problems.

As mentioned above if the blood sugar level is not under control then there will be problems or the results can get affected. So, this is why blood sugar levels should be under control in all ways.

Additionally, there are reports which suggest that overweight patients are at increased risk of getting DVT, infection, and surgical outcomes might be impacted.

Additional research is needed to understand the relation b/w diabetes & knee replacement surgery results

More research is needed to point out the seriousness of the situation or the results can get affected. When you are planning for the surgery, always seek medical assistance from one of the known ortho surgeons to plan everything correctly.

Bear in mind, if there is inflammation – Whether it has occurred after surgery or you have diabetes then assistance is necessary. This scenario might mean that diabetic complications have started to get worse & only the doctor’s assistance can manage it better.

No doubt complications are with every surgery but that does not mean that you cannot get it or it won’t give you the necessary results. It’s imperative to manage the situation and don’t let vivid thoughts come to your mind. Only trust the expertise of the ortho doctor and also gather all the necessary information from them.

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