Dietary Advice By Hunjan Hospital – For The Great Orthopaedic Health

The most reputed doctors who carry out Knee Replacement in Ludhiana have emphasized the good quality diet for healthy bones. They have said that if you start consuming a good diet from the beginning, then the chances for you to suffer from deteriorated and unhealthy bones will get lessened even in the progressive age.

A Little Advice

To make it certain that you enjoy good bone health for a long time and even in old age, then visit Hunjan Hospital – The best orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana, for a regular bone health check-up.

    1. Your bones need calcium

It is the calcium that has the potential to make the bones robust and shock-resistant. So the doctors would suggest you never skip any kind of dairy product unless it interferes with your digestive capabilities.

Did you know?

For good bone health, our body needs about 700mg of calcium regularly.

Sources of Calcium

  • Dairy Products (Milk, Cheese, Fresh Cream, Yogurt)
  • Leafy vegetables (Broccoli, Cabbage, Spinach)
  • Soya beans and Tofu
  • Soya Drinks and other kinds of the plant-based drinks
  • Nuts
  • Fish which provides you with Sardines Pilchards
    1. Vitamin D

It is quite challenging to fulfil the deficiency of Vitamin D from the diet we take. We get most of it from the direct action of the sun.

Did you know?

The body of an adult needs about 10 mg of Vitamin D per day.

Sources of Vitamin D

  • Fishes that have oil in them (Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel)
  • Egg Yolks
  • Fat spreads
  • Breakfast Cereals

Know The Vegan Diet Plan For Healthy Bones


Those who are non-vegan fulfils the nutrition demand from dairy products, but vegans incorporate the following in their diet for fulfilling the nutrition:

  • Soya Beans
  • Oat Drinks
  • Pulses
  • Fortified Soya
  • Dried Fruits
  • Rice
  • Sesame seeds

Did You Know?

Excessive Consumption Of Vitamin A Can Make Bone Fractures More Prone.

Is there any evidence?

Since so much research has shown that the excessive consumption of vitamin A makes the bones of the individuals more prone to fractures.

Here are some of the precautions:

  • Do not consume the liver more than once a week
  • Do not intake any kind of the retinol symptoms

Why Do Women With Menopause Start Losing The Power Traits In The Bones?

When menopause is encountered, then the ovaries are also impacted. The oestrogen production is obstructed. It is oestrogen-only which helps to form a protective layer on the bones.

Since no guarding layer is present, the bones start losing their effectiveness.

So no matter whether the woman has encountered menopause or not, she should start consuming good dietary elements. A good diet will keep her away from joint pain issues.

Final Comments!

The dietary advice published in this blog is generic. Visiting Hunjan Hospital in Ludhiana will provide you with individualized advice so that the particular issue which is accountable for causing poor bone health can be targeted.