frozen shoulder

Everything you should know about the diagnosis and treatment for frozen shoulder

Diagnosis for frozen shoulder

If you visit the doctor for a frozen shoulder at the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana then initially a physical examination is done. Your ortho doctor will ask you to move in different ways to check for pain and check the range of motion to better understand the situation.

Following that the doctor will ask you to relax the muscles as you move the arm. Through frozen shoulders, both passive and active range of motion is affected. To determine the range of motion, in some cases the numbing medicine is injected into the shoulder. The doctor will understand in detail the signs and symptoms by checking your condition in detail. The doctor may do certain imaging tests which are:

  • X-ray
  • MRI

No matter, whether you are looking for the treatment of frozen shoulder, Knee Replacement in Ludhiana, or any other ortho-related condition, then consult the best ortho specialist to manage your condition.

Treatment for frozen shoulder

Here are some of the best possible treatment options for frozen shoulder to deal with pain and preserve the range of shoulder movement. Let’s discuss these in detail:

  • Medications to reduce pain

Over-the-counter pain medications are suggested to reduce inflammation and pain. Through the medications suggested by the doctor will help you get relief from pain.

  • Therapy to boost mobility

You need to visit the physical therapist to boost the range of motion. The exercise suggested by the doctor will help to make shoulder mobility better.

  • Surgery for frozen shoulder

If your condition is severe and nothing helps you then surgery is the best choice. Following the surgery, you will get better within 12 to 18 months, only after following the surgeon’s guidelines. Here are some of the suggestions given by the doctor as the treatment plan:

  • Steroid injection

It reduces the pain in the joint & makes mobility better. If the condition is in the early stage then this option works the best.

  • Joint distension

Sterile water is injected into the joint which makes the tissue stretch and the joint movement gets better.

  • Surgery

Although, it is rare. It is suggested when nothing has helped. The surgery is done through a tubular instrument in which small incisions are made around the joint.

What are additional treatment options for frozen shoulders?

In some cases, acupuncture is suggested as it helps to target the specific joints for around 15 to 40 minutes. You should talk to the doctor if this option is for you or not. Apart from this TENS is a great option in which electrical current is delivered through electrodes onto the skin.

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If you are struggling with this condition, then you should consult the best ortho doctor on time. Face-to-face consultation will help to analyze your condition in a better manner and give you the exact treatment plan to make your health better. Hunjan hospital team has the best team of ortho doctors to treat frozen shoulders and any other type of ortho problem.