Knee replacement

How Much Does a Knee Replacement Surgery Cost You in India

As we age with time, our body starts to trouble us in many ways. These ways hamper your ability to perform daily activities. If that is the case +with your knee, knee replacement surgery is the cure.

Robotic knee replacement surgery is performed by a surgeon with a robotic arm or tool to replace a patient’s knee joint. It is the most preferred procedure by the doctors.

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Initially, doctors will prescribe you various therapies and methods to lower the pain in the knee joints. These methods are the least painful ones. But if they fail, you will opt for knee replacement surgery, which is quite painful.

Doctors will prescribe you two types of knee replacement surgeries, conventional and robotic knee replacement surgeries. The conventional method is quite outdated as compared to the robotic method.

Differences between conventional and robotic knee replacement

  1. Standard Knee replacement takes a long time to heal and takes a long time to procedure.

  2. The conventional method solely relies on the surgeon and his visual evaluation. Whereas in the robotic process, the physician is assisted by a robotic arm in the surgery, resulting in more accuracy and lesser surgery duration.

  3. Sometimes in the conventional method, knee components can be misaligned and poorly fit after replacement. But in the robotic procedure, components are accurately fit and aligned after the replacement.

  4. The risk of complications in a conventional procedure is higher than the robotic procedure.

  5. The rehabilitation in the conventional procedure takes much longer time than the robotic procedure.

  6. There are more chances of failure and revision procedures in the traditional method.

Features in Robotic Knee Replacement

  1. This procedure enhances the longevity in the functions of the knee joint.

  2. It has much-improved safety and security for the surrounding tissues and bone components in the knee.

  3. Only smaller incisions are required in this procedure, which results in quicker recovery, short-term hospitalization, and lesser discomfort to the patient.

  4. The physician can accurately place the components and joint in the knee, ensuring a natural experience to patients in the knee area.

  5. There is a lower risk of complications in this procedure.

  6. It has a much shorter rehabilitation time and a shortened period of hospitalization.

  7. Physicians make a full-fledged surgical plan before the surgery to avoid any complication afterwards

  8. The chances of failure are quite low in this procedure. One doesn’t require a revised replacement after undergoing this procedure.

Cost of Robotic Knee Replacement and Various other Factors to Remember

A robotic knee replacement surgery will cost you around Rs 1.5 lakhs or more. Although you need to keep the doctor’s fee and other things in mind too.

Doctors examine various factors like arthritis, age, your lifestyle, diet, and daily activities to determine your chances for this operation.

Always make sure of these factors before opting for the Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery. You will experience a new you with this surgery.