Joint Replacement Surgery

Hunjan Hospital best ortho doctor answer your doubts about Joint Replacement

Are you planning to get the Knee Replacement in Ludhiana or joint replacement surgery? No matter what ortho-related treatment you are going to get there is a slight concern in your mind about what will happen during the surgery, or how the recovery will go. In this blog, the best ortho doctor from the reputed Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana is going to answer all your concerns about joint replacement surgery, so that you can undergo the treatment without any doubt.

FAQs about Joint Replacement Surgery

  • How long do I need to take pain medications?

Initial days you can expect to have pain for which medication is needed. In case you are taking any blood thinner or coumadin, then it’s better to consult the primary care physician to understand what you need to do. Do not take any type of pain medication without their consent.

  • Do I need to inform my dentist that I have undergone a joint replacement?

YES! A few weeks before the surgery and 3 months after the surgery, you cannot undergo joint replacement.

  • Is it mandatory to take iron supplements?

The doctor might suggest your iron supplements to take for 4 weeks after the surgery so that your body builds up blood.

  • I cannot sleep after the surgery. What is wrong?

Following surgery, sleep patterns might get disturbed because of the slight discomfort or few days that you need to take help to do the daily chores. Although, the depressed feeling will go away once you get back to your daily regime.

  • How long do I need to stay in the hospital?

In most cases, the patient can get back home. Although, your condition is evaluated and then the doctor will make the final call on what has to be done and when you can get back home.

  • Is therapy needed after the joint replacement?

Therapy is important following the recovery and you need to make sure that you talk to the doctor about the same. Undergoing therapy is a great way to get back to your daily life.

  • How much is the total recovery time?

The recovery period is different for every patient because it’s also about your body, the way it responds, or how well you are following the surgeon’s guidelines. Ideally, it takes around 3 to 6 months to recover fully.

  • How many weeks do I need to use the walker?

The use of walkers or crutches is suggested for 2 to 4 weeks. After that, you might be asked to use the cane.

  • When do I need to visit for the follow-ups?

You need to schedule the follow-up appointment between 2 to 5 weeks. Later you need to visit the doctor in the 12th week and then after one year. It’s better to talk to the surgeon about the same.

  • When do I need to get the stitches removed?

Absorbable stitches don’t need to be removed. If not, then after 10 to 14 days you will be asked to come to the hospital.

  • How long will the results of joint replacement last?

Well, the exact timeline cannot be framed because it varies from person to person. Understand that even after 10 years your joint replacement surgery stands at the 90% success rate.