Knee replacement

Hunjan Hospital Patient’s Success Story: Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery.

People suffer from knee pain and may have to undergo knee replacement surgery if necessary. For this, we chose Hunjan Hospital as it is one of the best knee hospitals in India. Hear from our patient yourself. In this video, our patient, who is in America, returns to explain her experience with Hunjan Hospital. 

Our patient had a successful robotic knee replacement surgery. She was unable to walk or stand for the past 3 years. It became very difficult for her to manage. She consulted other hospitals but did not like their method or treatment suggested. Finally, she came to Hunjan Hospital for treatment. The doctor treated her and guided her very well about the procedure and the surgery. She then decided to go for robotic knee replacement surgery at Hunjan Hospital. 


Her experience was amazing as it was a painless experience for her and after the surgery she was able to walk again. She was very happy with the doctor and the staff. She also recommends others suffering from knee problems get treatment from Hunjan Hospital. 

You can also join our list of happy customers. Say goodbye to your knee problems and get effective and reliable treatment from Hunjan Hospital. Call or visit our hospital now for a pain-free and healthy life.