Bariatric Surgery

Break the myth: After bariatric surgery, there are high chances of substance abuse.

Are you planning for bariatric surgery?

No doubt, the surgery makes an effective choice considering if you are struggling with weight loss. The approach for Bariatric surgery in Ludhiana makes everything better and elated in terms of results. But, there’s one concern among the patients about the surgery. And that is, “Bariatric surgery increases the chances of developing substance abuse.” Is it so? Or What’s the theory behind it?

Bariatric surgery patients need proper counseling

Bariatric surgery eases the process for patients looking to begin the weight loss journey. The procedure itself is great but equally essential to not miss out on the counseling sessions after surgery. If you attend the counseling sessions on time, there won’t be any major problems, and you will be in a better emotional and physical state.

Please be mindful: Life before bariatric surgery plays an essential role!

Indeed! The life you used to live before the surgery can greatly impact your well-being and management after the surgery. If someone used to chew tobacco, smoke cigarettes, and consume alcohol would have difficulty living a healthy lifestyle. There’s a possibility that the patients have problems after the bariatric surgery.

Taking care of the health after bariatric surgery: Study Analysis

Let’s compare two scenarios!

In the first case, a patient who underwent surgery did not chew tobacco or consume any kind of abusive substance. And that’s where it’s essential to follow several things like:

  • Get proper care
  • Attend regular counseling sessions
  • Do not miss out on follow-ups

On the other hand, a patient who used to smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco underwent bariatric surgery. Both these habits cause huge trouble for the patient’s overall well-being. WHY?

Chewing tobacco before or after bariatric surgery increases cancer risk

Indeed! That’s so true.

Regular tobacco use increases the chances of cancer types that begin from oral to others like lung, GI, and others. Smoking alone is linked to an increased risk of around 55 types of cancer. And that’s the reason your habit of smoking should be stopped before the surgery so that after surgery, you don’t have to get yourself going through a problematic state.

Follow the surgeon’s advice after bariatric surgery

No doubt, bariatric surgery gives the utmost interesting and successful results. But to ease out the entire way and reduce the complication during & after surgery, you must follow the surgeon’s advice religiously.

Any kind of substance abuse should be limited to limit the complications. So, you should refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Doing so will ensure there’s no problem with substance abuse. Alcohol intake is the leading cause of liver damage.

Plan for your life-changing surgery

Undoubtedly, bariatric surgery does change lives for the better and gives the person a new zeal. The journey is not just limited to weight loss but helps to reduce other health conditions like sleep apnea, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and others. No doubt, it’s an important surgery, so make sure to take every step with caution. I