Spine Surgery

Dismissing Common Myths And Misconceptions About Spinal Surgery

It is not easy for many people to face spinal surgery. In fact, it can be very scary too. And to top it off, there are just so many myths related to Spine Surgery in Punjab that it makes an already nervous patient more anxious about the whole procedure.

Do not cloud your judgment because of somebody else’s lenses. Instead, make the best decision for your health. Our doctor here performs minimally invasive surgery and only uses it as a last resort if other non-surgical non-invasive methods fail to alleviate pain.

In fact, if the surgical procedure becomes a necessary treatment, our team encourages our patients to gather all kinds of information before the treatment and dismiss any myths surrounding it.

Some Common Myths About Spine Surgery

These are some of the most common myths about spine surgery that we are going to eliminate.

Myth #1: You require months-long recovery in bed

If we talk about the traditional open spinal surgery, which requires a long invasive cut in the back for the procedure, which also generates high risk. Then you might need bed recovery for months. However, our doctors are committed to treating patients with the least invasive method. This means less invasive with the least bleeding and minimal scarring.

This eliminates the months-long bed recovery period for the patient. When the doctor performs a small incision for the surgery in an Ortho centre in Ludhiana, then the patient requires a shorter period of rest time as compared to the traditional process. In fact, some patients get discharged from the hospital the very same day.

Myth #2: Spinal surgery will cause you more pain

Unfortunately, there have been instances wherein the patient has complained of continued pain even after the spinal surgery. But these cases are the exception, not common. The patient who has experienced such negative surgery will be more vocal and drown out the voice of other patients, which is why you might have heard them louder.

The reason behind noticing pain after surgery can be because of receiving the wrong treatment or if the surgery was not necessary in the first place. This is why it is essential that you carefully select your spinal doctor or surgeon with proper qualifications and adequate experience for appropriate treatment. When the doctor performs the surgery carefully, it can easily alleviate spinal pain.

Myth #3: Most people require another surgery post spinal surgery

If the patient selects the right spine doctor, gets the right diagnosis, and receives the right treatment, then it is very unlikely they will have to undergo another spinal surgery. Our doctors are committed to conducting one of the best surgical treatments for their patients to increase the success rate and improve their health.

They determine the real cause of the problem for their chronic leg, neck, or back pain. And based on the diagnosis of the problem, the doctor and the staff member will perform the most appropriate procedures unless and until it is absolutely necessary.

I hope we have helped you debunk some common myths about spinal surgery and created a better understanding of it.