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Orthopedic surgeons: What problems can an orthopedic surgeon treat?

Consult the best ortho doctor at our Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana and restore your mobility & improve overall health. With the right treatment plan and taking the preventive measures on time, there is no need for every individual to get Spine Surgery in Ludhiana. The doctor suggests spine surgery to only those patients when other treatment options do not work out the way they should.

We all know, it is not a pleasant sight to stop life due to problems with joint, muscle, or bone pain. Musculoskeletal conditions and pain can affect any person at any time and any age. This way people of all age groups can enjoy every part of their life and get involved in any activity which interests them the most. Well! The best part is that the child with scoliosis to the person with a traumatic injury needs to get limb-saving surgery. The patient’s condition will be benefited as the expertise of the ortho doctor will make a difference. With the advanced and best treatment options, the patient can live a happy and healthier life.

What is an orthopedic surgeon?

Orthopedic surgeons are the ones who are accounted to do:

    • Diagnosis/Evaluation
    • Suggest treatment for the disorder
    • Prepare a prevention plan

They can provide you treatment for disorders like ligaments, joints, bones, muscles, and tendons. However, certain orthopedic surgeons are specialized to provide the treatment for:

    • Hip and knee
    • Foot and ankle
    • Shoulder and elbow
    • Hand
    • Spine

Who can get the ortho-related treatment?

With the ortho surgeon, the patient of all ages can get the treatment. We provide the treatment for conditions that are sports-related and there is a need for joint replacement to spinal deformity and fracture.

What treatment is provided by an orthopedic surgeon?

Initially, the ortho surgeon will suggest non-surgical treatment like medications and undergoing rehab therapy. No doubt, they have the expertise to perform surgery to address a certain injury or condition, but only when it is needed or the patient’s condition is severe.

By consulting the ortho surgeon, you will get the treatment for broken bones and replace the painful joints. In addition, they can give you the treatment for:

    • Sports injuries
    • Bone tumors
    • Osteoporosis
    • Arthritis
    • Orthopedic trauma
    • Limb lengthening
    • Achilles tendon injuries, bunions, and foot and ankle injuries
    • Carpal tunnel, hand arthritis, and hand injuries
    • Back pain ruptured disks and spinal stenosis
    • Club foot, bow legs, and hip dysplasia

Best ortho treatment at Hunjan Hospital

Our ortho doctors and the entire team are committed to giving you the best and high-quality care YOU DESERVE. Moreover, we are the first hospital in Punjab, providing robotic knee replacement, which is changing the dynamic of the healthcare sector. So, if you are facing any ortho-related issue or anyone you know is having trouble dealing with the problem, then book your initial consultation with us. Feel free to talk about what problem you are going through, know about the treatment plan, cost factor, and preventive measures to be taken before & after treatment.