Knee replacement

Does your knee hurt? Reasons to not ignore getting treatment for knee pain

Do you have severe knee pain?

Has the knee pain occurred all of a sudden?

No matter what’s the scenario, you will doubt in your mind as to when you should get treatment for a joint problem? At times, the condition can be managed independently, but sometimes you have to get medical assistance to manage the situation better. Therefore, it’s all-important that you visit one of the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana to get yourself familiar with all the right ways to manage the condition.


Knee Replacement in Ludhiana is performed by all the effective and inventive technology, which improves the treatment result. The option of knee replacement is only preferred to you when the first-line treatment options are not working, or your condition is extremely severe, then just the surgical option can make a difference.

What are the reasons to consult a joint pain doctor?

Whether mobility issues or joint pain, consulting one of the best ortho doctors is essential, get yourself the treatment from a doctor who can effectively address the conditions for joints, bones, muscles, and connective tissues.

When you schedule an initial consultation with the doctor, the first step is finding the treatment plan that gives you relief. Here is the list of options for which you need to consult the highly experienced orthopedic surgeon in Ludhiana:

  • Sudden and new joint pain is not getting better on its own.
  • Pain is unbearable, especially at night.
  • Symptoms of chronic joint pain as it lasts for months and years
  • Not being able to do the stuff on your own like climbing stairs, walking, or even doing household chores is getting complicated.
  • You notice excess pain when you try to change position, like when you try to sit after standing for a long time or vice-versa.
  • Your joint pain has reached the point that you need to use the wheelchair, walker, or supportive option.
  • You have to take over-the-counter medications daily so that the pain gets less.
  • The excess pain affects the joint appearance like you have started to notice a bow in the straight leg.

Bear in mind every patient’s condition varies from one another. Therefore, only when you consult the doctor will you have a better idea about what you need to do.

Are you delaying your knee pain?

Has it been too long that you have consulted the ortho doctor?

Whatever the situation is, if you delay the need to get joint care, it increases the chances of having a knee injury or other severe joint problems. So, make sure that you do not ignore your joint pain at any cost; otherwise, the condition can worsen in the future, which will take even more time to solve.