What are the 5 most common tips to reduce the chances of winter injury?

Tips to avoid winter injury

No doubt, we know it is time for the winter season to arrive in India. But, if you are from some other part of the world, which has a winter season, then this blog is for you.

Winter means freezing temperature, cold wind, ice, and snow everywhere around us. Although, when we are safe and cautious about what we do, there will not be an issue. In this blog, we are going to share some of the common and effective tips shared by our ortho expert which can prevent winter injuries. Let’s dive into those, without wasting any more seconds.

Ortho tips: Most common tips to prevent winter injury

    • Fractures

During winters, fractures are extremely common. These are likely to happen when we have a fall or slip. Due to snow or ice, the driveway can be watery which will result in slip or fall.

Our ortho doctor shared that, “Winters is one of those seasons when occurrence of fractures are high. One of the most common is hip fracture.” To reduce the chances of this problem, make sure that you are cautious about everything around you. You need to wear the right kind of footwear all the time and do not walk hastily. Do not go through the surface which has ice or water.

    • Foot and ankle injuries

It is possible that when you fall it does not result in fracture. Apart from that the ligament injury, tendon injury, and soft tissue damage are common occurrences in winters. Most of the time, people twist their ankles when they are disposing of the trash or when they want to step on the curb. In case, the lower body is not stable, then there will be issues of sprain and strain in the lower area.

So, you need to take it slow. When you are stepping out of the car, make sure you take every step carefully. No matter what, you need to choose the right kind of footwear in winters.

    • Snowblower injuries

Winters are known for snow, but sometimes it is in excess that it can result in injury. You need to get the snow removed from the driveways and sideways so that there is a path to walk easily. Many people get the snow removed with the help of snowblowers. No doubt, it has benefits but this heavy machinery has increased the chances of injury.

Make sure that you never put your hand in the snowblower because this can lead to injury. In case, you want to clean it, then use the shovel, broom, or any other instrument. Fingers are forever, so do not make any such mistake.

    • Sports injuries

Winter months are best to do certain kinds of activities like sledding, snowboarding, running, and skiing. No doubt, all of them are fun activities to do, but you need to be careful in any way possible.

When you are doing these activities, there is a high chance of having injuries from bumps, bruises, and paralysis. So, make sure you do them within your limits and do not indulge in anything which you are not sure about.

    • Concussions

Concussions which are head injuries are another common incidence during winters. It can occur due to different activities which you do daily. In case, you have hit your head by chance, then you need to get medical help right away. Symptoms might vary from person to person, so do not take any chances with your health. When your ortho doctor is there to help you, then why you should become hesitant about your health.

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