What are the treatment options available for orthopedic trauma patients?

Orthopedic Trauma Treatment

Although, not all fractures need specialized treatment. The patient with a complex fracture needs to get specialized care by consulting the trauma specialist. For a strategic treatment plan, you need to visit the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana.

Hunjan hospital Orthopaedic surgeon In Punjab has the availability of all the inventive and improved treatments. It even includes improving the condition of trauma patients which includes a minimally invasive approach. Also, bone graft substitutes, external fixation, and bone-forming proteins are used.

Let’s talk about possible treatment options.

Nonsurgical Treatment Options of Trauma Injuries

Dislocations and fractures which are linked to the scapula, clavicle, hand, wrist, humerus, and foot can be treated without non-surgical options. The doctor will check the condition, and accordingly, treat the injury by suggesting your external fixation. With this approach the following options are used:

  • Casts
  • Splints
  • Braces
  • Other devices

The use of all these options can help to stabilize the outside structure.


Surgical Treatment Options of Trauma Injuries

The internal fixation method is suggested by the physician when minor surgery is needed. This surgical option will make use of screws, pins, wires, and plates. All the possible options will help to stabilize it. In case, the problem is complex then surgery is the preferred option. Some of the possible options which the doctor will suggest are:

  • Bone grafting
  • Complex reconstruction
  • Limb lengthening

The doctor will determine your condition and then suggest which condition will improve your situation.

How does the recovery feel?

Most of the patients are concerned about, ‘How much is the recovery time?’ Well! This depends on the following situations:

  • The severity of the injury
  • Depends on the type

In most cases, it takes around 3 weeks to several months. In this period, the bone will heal or get back to its normal state. When careful and following all the doctor’s suggestions the healing will go with ease. If you do not take the necessary measures given by the doctor, then the bone will not heal the way it should.

The best part is that the pain due to break will completely subside, once the bone completely heals.

Follow the doctor suggestions

When you begin the recovery, you may experience muscle fatigue and stiffness. The reason for this is atrophy of the joints, muscles, and ligaments because the activity is reduced. Just make sure that you follow all the recommendations from the physicians so that the chances of reinjury are reduced.