Ways To Throw Unwelcome Guests ‘arthritis’ Out Of Your Body

Suffering From arthritis?

Why not visit Orthopaedic Hospital?

People in Ludhiana do consider visiting Hunjan Hospital for treatment. It is one of the autoimmune disorders that should be prevented from reaching the knees. If arthritis wins the race and unfortunately the finishing line would be knees, then your award will be knee replacements.

How Many Kinds Of Arthritis?

Following are the classifications of arthritis:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis



Rheumatoid Arthritis

If the cartilage will experience deterioration, then bones may keep on rubbing together which will lead to the following:

  • Friction
  • Damage
  • Inflammation
It is an autoimmune disease that comes to the origin when the immune system attacks the healthy joint tissues.

What Does Dr Balwant Singh Hunjan Suggest?

According to Dr Hunjan, “No doubt, the medical treatment can effectively heal the problem, but the natural remedies are unbeatable.”

Don’t you think the same?

Dr Balwant Singh Hunjan Mentions

Some Of The Natural Ways To Heal Arthritis

Ideal Weight Management

People in Ludhiana are habitual of eating fat enriched food, and it is quite normal or obvious for them to gain some weight. Extra weight puts pressure on the joints like:

  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Feet

If you do not know the ideal ways to manage your weight, then must meet Dr Balwant Singh Hunjan. He will help you to set your goals and will show you the right path.

Do Not Miss Exercise Sessions

As we have mentioned, Ludhiana natives are known as foodies. The foodies are believed to be lethargic people. But it would be better if you know how to cope with that. Make sure you aren’t missing a single exercise time.

We are not convincing you to do heavy exercises, you can start with the low impact ones:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Water Activities
  • Ta Chi

Have Faith In The Hot And Cold Therapy

Dr Balwant Singh Hunjan believes that both the heat and the cold therapies are better to make the person relieved of the arthritis pain and inflammation.

Hot Therapy

Cold Therapy

If you feel painful sensations in any of the joints, then you can take a warm shower for the longest time. It will help to ease your stiffness.

To avoid discomfort during nighttime, you can make use of the electric blankets and the heating pads.

You can make your joints feel relieved by placing an ice pack on it or you can use a bag filled with frozen vegetables.

Have A Catch

Never apply ice directly on your skin.


This is one of the ancient Chinese Medical treatments. In this process, the thin needles are inserted in the specific points.

Dr Balwant Singh Hunjan considers acupuncture as the best treatment for relieving pain caused by arthritis.

Final Comments!

There are other ways as well that help to cope up with the arthritic condition. You can switch to a healthy diet, including the regular intake of herbal supplements in your routine and do not forget to massage your joints daily.