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What are the 6 top benefits of undergoing arthroscopic joint replacement?

Arthroscopic Joint Replacement: Get back to your normal working routine
With the increase in age or due to stressful life, the patient can have trouble with chronic back pain. Fortunately, on-time Chronic Back Pain Treatment in Ludhiana will improve your condition. In case, your knee or hip joint is damaged by arthritis or injury which eventually makes it difficult for you to carry on with your normal life. It can include activities like:
• Driving
• Walking
• Climbing stairs
In such a situation, you need to visit the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana and take benefit of arthroscopic joint replacement. It is one of the most successful and effective surgical procedures.
No one deserves to live a life that prevents them from enjoying their daily life or do activities they enjoy doing. If non-surgical treatment like injections, physical therapy, medications, or weight loss has not helped to reduce pain, then the doctor will suggest you get arthroscopic joint surgery.

Benefits of Arthroscopic Surgery
Speedy recovery time
Patients who have undergone arthroscopic joint replacement surgery have reported that they heal quickly. This is the reason they start rehabilitation early after the surgery. It gives you the benefit to start your normal life early and you do not have to miss out on your favorite stuff for a long time.

When can I regain joint movement?
On average, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to have joint movement. For full joint movement, it takes 8 weeks. The patient is fully healed once they get the physical therapy for 3 months.

Minimal/Bearable pain and swelling
Arthroscopic joint replacement comes under the category of minimally invasive procedure which results in less pain, discomfort, and swelling as compared to open joint surgery. Moreover, the incision is smaller which reduces the downtime involved with the surgery.

Get Discharged Early
With this surgical procedure, the hospital stay is shorter for arthroscopy as compared to the traditional procedure.
Arthroscopy Joint Replacement Surgery
1 to 5 Days
Traditional Joint Replacement Procedures
3 to 7 Days

Reduced lower costs
With shorter hospital stays and reduced downtime, the overall cost of the treatment will reduce to a great extent. Your ortho doctor will suggest a customized treatment approach.

Reduce scarring and damage
With this surgery, there are small incisions that automatically reduce the chances of scarring. The patients who choose to get arthroscopic joint surgery will lead to less skin damage to the skin and the surrounding muscles, ligaments, & tendons. The instruments used during the surgery need less skin opening. In all, this surgery will reduce the chances of infection and blood loss.

Minimal complications
It is one of the major surgical approaches which reduces the chances of complications. Stats have shown that the success rate for this surgery is 90%.
Make sure that you choose the best ortho doctor so that you can get enough information about the surgery and it will help you go through the after-care with ease and the chances of complications are reduced.