Knee replacement

Which Approaches Are Useful In Carrying Out Knee Replacement Surgeries?

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The doctors here will consider your medical condition to decide which kind of procedure you should undergo and what kind of anaesthetic sedation you need.

For the smooth accomplishment of the procedure, the orthopaedics will map out the anatomy of the knee which will give a thorough view of its structure. With this, it is easy for the doctor to find out which areas are to be worked on.

    1. Conventional Approach – Traditional surgery

This surgical approach makes use of the standard surgical technique in which a surgeon makes an incision along the front and:

Towards the middle

Side of the knee

Did you know?

Since it is the conventional approach, the size of the incision is supposed to be 8 to 12 inches.

    1. Most Relied Approach – Minimally invasive surgery

Here are the benefits of undergoing Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery:

  • No trauma to the tissue
  • Lessened Pain
  • Decreased Blood Loss

With all these things, it becomes easy to speed up the recovery. With this kind of surgery, it is super easy to reduce the incisions by about 3 to 4 inches. Isn’t it good?

Pivotal difference

The crucial difference between standard surgery and minimally invasive surgery is all concerned with how a kneecap is placed:

  • Traditional Surgery – The kneecap is being turned over
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery – The kneecap is pushed to the side

Types of the minimally invasive surgery

Quadriceps-sparing approaches

Lateral approach

Once the minimal incision is being made, then the sides are placed with the kneecaps. This requires cutting of the arthritic bone but the quadricep tendons are not being cut.

The major benefit of this surgery is that the quadriceps muscle does not suffer from trauma.

This is the rarely used approach which is quite common for those whose knees tend to bend outward. If compared with traditional surgery, then this approach is less invasive. The predominant benefit of this approach is that the patients can return to walking at a faster rate.

Did you know?

After undergoing minimally invasive surgeries, the patient will need to spend at least 3 to 4 days in the clinic.

    1. Modern Approach – Computer-assisted surgery (CAS)

Nowadays surgeons have become even more interested in carrying out surgeries that are assisted by computer methods.

In this procedure, the surgeon collects the anatomical data of the patient’s knee into the computer which is known as registration. After that, the computer generates a 3-D model of the knee because of which it becomes easy for the surgeons to know which part is deteriorated and how the replacements need to be done.

Final Comments!

So have you understood all the 3 approaches the knee replacements? If still, there is some doubt left, then please let us know by writing an email to us.