Bone Health

Which are the important nutritional elements for the ultimate bone health?

With age, bone and joint health keep on becoming deteriorated. According to the doctors of the orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana, “If in case, the individual is suffering from the injuries or is afflicted with the problems of either the osteoporosis or arthritis, then the health supplements which may include the various nutritional elements like the vitamins and minerals are must to be incorporated in the daily diet. With the intake of the supplements, the ultimate health of the bones and the other joints can be maintained.” It is advised that the individual should not consider taking any kind of supplements without consulting the doctor.

It is relevant to mention here that the individual must not show any negligence to maintain bone health. If somehow, it gets progressed, it may start extending towards the spine and then the person may need to take up the spine surgery in Ludhiana.

In today’s blog, as you might have already guessed, we are going to talk about the role of supplements in maintaining bone health.

Which nutritional elements are required for the maintenance of bone health?

Following are the various kinds of nutritional elements which are necessary for the individual to be fulfilled with if the bones and joints are to be maintained healthy for long:


Calcium is the most important nutritional element for bone health. This is the main reason the mothers always try to find out the ways to make their children drink milk as it is the richest source of calcium. No doubt, following a great diet is the only best option to keep the calcium content full in the body. But in case, due to some reasons, the diet is not able to meet your needs, then calcium supplements are the best sources to maintain bone health.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important element that helps with the absorption of calcium. Usually, this essential nutrient is acquired from various food sources and the sunlight, but in case, you have been diagnosed with a deficiency of Vitamin D, then you must contemplate including some supplements in your diet.

Vitamin C

We all have known the association of the role of vitamin C with immunity. But wait! Wait! Wait! Vitamin C has a lot more functions to perform like:

  • The production of the collagen (it is imperative for the bone mineralization)
  • It does not let your bone density become low


The importance of magnesium for the body can become highlighted from the following fact:

In case, the individual is lacking the magnesium, then there are high chances that he or she may suffer from osteoporosis.”

Additional knowledge

Apart from fulfilling the deficiency of your body concerning the above-mentioned essential nutrients, the individual must consider taking the following supplements as well.

  • Fish oil
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Collagen supplements

Final Comments!

In the end, we would like to tell our readers that they should not consider starting the intake of any supplements without prior consulting to the reputed doctor. In case, the individual does not follow the advice then he or she should get prepared to face the adverse consequences.