fracture repair

Which Do’s and Don’ts to follow after having a cast on your fractured bone?

No sooner than the summer vacations begin, the visits of the parents to the orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana increases considerably. Since the risk of suffering from bumps and bruises is at a high level.

But who can forget the ‘Fractured Bones’? Children keep on inventing new kinds of plays. Some are ‘Risk-Free’ while others are extremely ‘Risky’.

Which Orthopaedic Hospital To Visit?

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What To Do Immediately In Case My Child Is Suffering From A Fracture?

First of all, none of the people surrounding the child should panic. The first thing you need to do is to immediately visit an orthopaedic doctor who will immobilize the broken part with the cast. The type of cast to be used will be based on the kind and the intensity of the injury your child is suffering from.

Fibreglass Casts

Plaster Casts

  • These are light in weight but are robust.
  • In case, there is a need to have the X-Ray images during the healing process, then it is none other than the fibreglass material that creates the desired images.
  • If you are requiring a cast that is heavier but less expensive, then choose the plaster casts.
  • The predominant benefit because of which the plaster casts are used is their ability to be moulded into the shape that provides better support to cope up with the injury.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts that you need to follow when you have gotten cast support for your broken bones:


  • Elevation Of The Broken Bones

The cast restricts your movement. As the cast makes your arm be tightened. This constriction can make your injury swell which may lead you to suffer from excruciating pain. To avoid this, you can use a pillow to elevate your cast while sitting or sleeping.

  • Take it easy, Bro!

For the very first days after the fracture, make sure you are resting a lot and are not putting pressure on your fractured bones.

  • Exercise….Only After Consultation

In case either your arm or leg is in the cast and you are willing to move the muscles which are near the injury to make sure the circulation of the blood is not getting obstructed, continue with the exercises only after consulting with the doctor.

  • Be Attentive With Your Cast

If you notice that your cast has started to smell bad, then this requires you to make an appointment with the doctor.


  • Do Not Ignore The High Temperature

If the temperature of your body is rising more than 101 degrees Fahrenheit, then you must visit the doctor and do not ignore it.

  • Do Not Let It Be Wet

If it is the plaster cast that has gotten wet, then you should visit your healthcare provider urgently. It will soon disintegrate.