Why are females more prone to suffer from osteoarthritis as compared to males?

Researched results

According to the researches, females are inclined to suffer from the following owing to osteoarthritis more than the males:

    • Joint Pain
    • Aching
    • Stiffness

Why is it so?

    • Hormonal levels

As per the researched evidence, females are more prone to get bothered with the symptoms of osteoarthritis going to the imbalance in the hormonal levels.


When the women are on their periods which we term as the menstrual phase, then a lot of changes in the hormonal levels are caused.

So how are joint laxity and menstruation-related?

The joints may get unstable when a huge transformation or fluctuations in the hormonal levels is being experienced.

Do not get it wrong!

Not all the stages or the phases of the menstrual cycle are known to contribute to the abnormality of the joints.

How does menopause contribute to intensifying the symptoms of osteoarthritis?

The women who are heading or are at their menopause stages experience a drop in estrogen levels. The drop in these levels makes the joint function abnormally. And thus the commencement of the osteoarthritis process is done.

    • Different structure of the musculoskeletal system

No doubt, the same joints are being found in the female’s and the male’s bodies. But certain differences are experienced in the musculoskeletal systems of both males and females. These differences are related to the postures like:

    • Standing
    • Sitting
    • Walking
    • Running


The women’s knees experience more wear and tear owing to the anatomical differences. Besides, because of the lack of cartilage, the knees deteriorate at an early rate.

    • Excess Weight

Usually, the women are not conscious about their health as compared to the males. So when they keep on experiencing the increment in their weight they do not take it seriously, And the load-bearing joints like the following start getting deteriorated in the structure and the functioning owing to the excessive weight.

So how should the women keep their joints functioning normally?

When the genetic cause of the problem is not in our hands, we can surely take some measures into account to get rid of the physical causes.

    • Don’t be physically inactive

Let’s understand this point with the help of an example. If a machine is not used for a long time, then it starts experiencing problems in its operation the next time when you operate it. It is because of the inactiveness. The same is the case with the joints. If we do not let our joints do physical activity, then they will start getting dominated. So, the individual needs to have a good morning jog or walk routine.

Especially, when it is the COVID lockdown period, do not sit idle and stare at those dull Netflix screens. Rather spend some quality time with your family, by playing some games or help your mother out in the kitchen to do home chores. By doing this you can remain healthy.

    • Physical therapy

We, at the Hunjan hospital, offer our customers the best treatment options. We do not believe in taking the invasive approaches into account initially. Rather our chief motive is to rehabilitate the health of the patient by making use of the certain therapies that are proven to come out with beneficial use in this regard.

    • Lifestyle

We cannot ignore the role of lifestyle in keeping the muscles and the joints healthy. Being the essential parts of our body, these also require the essential nutrients for healthy and appropriate functioning.

Bottom Line

In cases, you are experiencing the symptoms of osteoarthritis, please approach at your earliest to get treated with the minimally invasive approaches.