Knee replacement

Why is robotic knee replacement surgery better than the traditional approach?

The use of robots in carrying out knee replacement surgery has been increasing. People are also developing faith in robotic knee replacement in Punjab. But sometimes, the patients who approach us are worried whether the robotic approach will help them to achieve the desired outcomes or not. In those cases, our doctors make sure that the patients are thoroughly acquainted with the procedure.

If you are also wondering whether the robotic knee replacement is safe and is associated with the risks, then you must read the below-mentioned information:

What exactly is a robotic knee replacement surgery?

First of all, you should get this point clear that the robotic approach of performing the surgery does not mean that the entire surgery is being performed by the robots. No, that is not so. When we are referring to the robotic knee replacement, then we are talking about the robotic surgical arm which helps in the accurate execution of the variegated parts of the procedure. The surgical arm is nothing more than the assisting device which helps quintessentially in navigating the small places. Now, the robotic surgical arm is becoming so popular that it has become an important tool in the doctor’s tool kit.

Which tasks can be performed by the surgical arm?

The surgical arm can help to perform the following tasks:

  • Preparation of the bone
  • Introducing and balancing the implants
  • Checking if the prepared bone is the right fit

What are the advantages of robotic knee surgery?

Following are the important advantages of the robotic knee surgery:

  • No long term costs

You will be glad to know that the patients treated at our hospital usually do not face any kinds of complications after the surgery. The robotic surgery also involves very few follow up visits to the hospital. Apart from that, you will get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Less recovery time
  • You can get back to your job within a few days
  • No risk of infections

Better Results

The patients who undergo the robotic knee replacement surgery do not require readmissions. If we compare it with traditional knee replacement surgery, then it requires comparatively little rehabilitation time. The use of the robotic arm ensures the better and flawless replacement of the diseased bone. It also helps to improve the recovery rate.

Patient Satisfaction

As discussed, the robotic approach allows the patient to get healed at a faster rate which makes the patients immediately get back to their work and resume their daily activities. And of course, this will make the patients satisfied with the procedure.

At Hunjan hospital, the use of the arm is done with precision which ensures that there are no chances of flaws. This allows the alignment and the adjustment of the implants to be carried out with ultimate precision.

Is opting for robotic knee replacement surgery a better option?

Yes, choosing robotic knee replacement over traditional knee replacement is the better option. The robotic approach used to perform the surgery is so effective that the bone and tissue do not get traumatised.