fracture repair

Why should you get a bone fracture repair? What are the ways to heal it?

By the term, fracture means a broken bone. When you visit the Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana the doctor is going to use a different method to repair the fractured bone and sometimes there is only a requirement for the brace. Sometimes, the patient needs to get Spine Surgery in Ludhiana and sometimes the brace can easily address the problem. The healing process is going to depend on the different factors like:

  • Nature of the fracture
  • The extent of the injury
  • Fracture fixation stability
  • Biological processes

Why is it important to get a bone fracture repair?

When you consult the ortho doctor, it will ensure that the healing is proper. In case, you avoid getting the treatment there, the bone will heal is not the normal position. So, make sure that you treat and restore the bone anatomy. No matter what it is important that you consult the doctor without any delay and get the bone fracture repair on time.

What If I don’t get the treatment for bone fracture?

  • The formation of a blood clot in surrounding blood vessels
  • Infection from the injury
  • Damage to the skin, tissues, or muscles around the fracture
  • Swelling of a nearby joint due to joint space bleeding

What are the topmost ways to heal a broken bone?

First of all, the doctor is going to see the nature of the fracture and then accordingly suggest you the best way:

  • Traditional cast

Once the bone is repositioned, the doctor is going to put plaster or fiberglass plaster so that it does not move. This way it will stay in the same position until it is not healed. This is used for the foot, arm, leg, and wrist bones.

  • Functional cast or brace

With a functional cast or brace, the fractured bone is going to have less mobility or you can say that it will have limited movement.

  • Open reduction

In case of a severe bone fracture, the doctor is going to suggest that you undergo surgery so that your mobility is limited. With the open reduction, bone repositioning is done with the help of a hand. This is also suggested to the patient if they have a fracture that is unsuitable or complex.

What are the stages of bone healing?

The given below are the 3 stages of bone healing which includes:

  • Inflammatory stage

It is also known by the name of fracture hematoma formation when healing is right after the surgery. One of the studies has pointed out that the blood will start to flow in the fractured area after 48 hours of getting the surgery. One week you will notice the inflammatory stage.

  • Repairing phase

The repairing phase is going to begin in the initial days of the surgery and it will last for around 2 to 3 weeks. The tissue will begin to grow and the fracture is going to get stabilized.

  • Bone remodeling

This is the final phase when the fracture will heal or you can say the healing will be complete. The surface might be swollen for some time but it will heal eventually.