slipped disc

What happens when the discs slip? What are the contained & uncontained discs?

When the intervertebral disc of the spine loses its normal shape and consistency, then it is known as a slipped disc. If the inner material of the disc gets leaked, then the altered shape will come into the origin. The doctors of the famous orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana use different terms for the slipped disc-like protruding, bulged, torn or ruptured. If the pain becomes so severe that the individual can’t get rid of it, then with the help of spine surgery in Ludhiana, it will be aimed at getting treated. 


What happens when the discs slip? 

The intervertebral are known for their shock-absorbing feature. These are quintessentially helpful in transferring the loads evenly. In case, the slipped disc emerges, the entire segment which is accountable for doing motion like: 

  • Adjacent vertebrae
  • Connective tissues 
  • Blood vessels 
  • Nerves 


How does the slipped disc come into existence? 

When the disc becomes naturally degenerated, then because of that the nucleus pulposus becomes quintessentially less hydrated and gets weakened with age. 


What do we know about the initiative disc? 

When the trauma is caused to the disc because of any reason. Usually, the eight lifters suffer from this issue, as they try to lift the giant weight loads which are not of their capability. And while lifting, they end up choosing a bad posture. 


Do you know? 

If the connective tissue is having any disorder, then the spinal vertebrates may get some alterations in spinal vertebrates’ shape. 


What do we know about the contained and the uncontained disc? 

  • Contained disc

When a disc gets slipped and its nucleus pulposus gets leaked out in the form of the annulus fibrosus, but it is not visible in the outermost layer of the disc, then it will be known as the contained disc. 

  • Uncontained disc 

When the nucleus pulposus completely gets released outside the disc, then it will be known as the uncontained disc.


Which type of pain, you may experience when you are afflicted with the slipped disc? 


The slipped discs may cause you to suffer from pain either in the localised areas like the arm and the back or in the far off regions like the high or the hands. 


Nerve Pain 

Nerve pain is caused when a herniation is afflicting you at the side and the back of the disc. In these positions, the annulus fibrosus is comparatively thinner. Since this part is extremely close to the nerves of the spinal roots, it can cause mechanical compression, chemical irritation or cauda equina compression. 


Do you know? 

When owing to the slipped disc, you are suffering from back pain or neck pain, then it will be known as discogenic pain. 


What happens when the disc has slipped owing to the degeneration? 

If degeneration has caused the disc to move, then it will result in instability in the motions of the spine.