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Increased safety and success with hip & knee joint replacement surgery

Hip Replacement and Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

During total joint replacement surgery, the surgeon performs an advanced and inventive approach to take out the damaged joint or arthritic joint. The experienced and board-certified Orthopaedic Surgeon In India knows the right methods and tools to be used to boost the success of the surgery. For the replacement, the surgeon uses plastic, metal, or ceramic devices named implants or prostheses. The implant or any particular device is known to work similarly to the way the joint & hip function.

Reasons that increase the chances of hip and knee joint replacement surgery

Excess pain and inflammation are the major reasons that lead to an increased risk of undergoing hip & knee joint replacement surgery. The most common situations that increase the risk of undergoing surgery are:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Although, there are many other reasons that would lead to increased risk of having joint replacement and Knee Replacement in Ludhiana like:

  • Genetics
  • Hereditary disorder
  • Developmental problem
  • Trauma

Your ortho surgeon will suggest you move towards the surgical approach when the choice of medications, therapy, and injections has stopped working. You should consult the doctor at the earliest so that the problem can be handled on time.

The procedure of the joint replacement surgery

The advanced and inventive technique used for knee and hip replacement surgery ensures utmost precision and safety on all levels. With both methods, the approach to reduce the pain is possible and boosts the success results to make the overall life easier to deal with. The approach of the surgery focuses upon:

  • Reducing or eliminating pain as much as possible
  • Address the knee & joint deformity
  • Helps the patient to become more mobile & improves the overall quality of life

So, here’s what happens during the surgery?

Hip replacement surgery

  • The ortho surgeon removes the damaged part from the hip to replace it with a metal or ceramic ball.
  • The prosthesis contains special material so that it becomes much easier for the bone to grow easily.
  • The plastic liner gets snapped into the metal cup and then further rotated so that the new ball can be placed at the end.
  • Additionally, the choice of implant and prosthesis is based on the person’s overall condition. So the ortho surgeon selects the desired shape and size to address the problem effectively.

Knee replacement surgery

  • During knee replacement surgery, the surgeon removes a precise amount of bone from the surface of the desired parts to attain the necessary results.
  • Afterward, the surgeon lets it have the necessary shape so that the implant has the proper position to stay fixed in its place.
  • The main goal is to ensure it has proper mobility and can give the necessary results required.

What happens after knee and hip replacement surgery?

The surgery takes around 2 to 3 hours, depending on what approach is used. The advanced and inventive methods are known to make recovery faster and ensure the downtime is less. Once you reach home, follow all the necessary doctor’s instructions like:

  • Make sure to take all the necessary medications from time to time to help control the pain.
  • Don’t do anything overactive otherwise; it increases pain and swelling.
  • It’s normal to feel fatigued after the surgery, so it’s better to take it slow.
  • You need to visit for a follow-up checkup after 2 to 3 months.

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Ortho doctor guide to healing the bone fracture as quickly as possible

Bone fracture?

By any misfortune, chances when the bone breaks can lead to fracture. The fracture needs to heal properly, and it must be present in the correct position. Most importantly, ensuring it’s protected is essential so that the body stays in a reliable state. In that case, you must visit the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana to manage the situation and get the necessary tips to balance your situation.

Let the bone fracture heal properly

The bone fracture needs to stay in the appropriate condition in the right position. After the fracture, the body protects the injured area and forms the blood clot as a protective cover. The fracture gets closed, and the callus begins to absorb itself. Indeed! It depends upon the fracture type and how much time healing will take. Usually, a person needs at least one year. If there’s any confusion, then you better talk to the Orthopaedic Surgeon In Punjab.

3 best therapies to heal bone fracture

Bone healing occurs naturally, and after the treatment, it’s essential that you take the necessary measures so that the body gets to its optimum state on time. There are a few effective therapies that you can consider for the fracture to heal like normal:

     Fracture management

Fracture management requires closed reduction that targets the manipulation or traction of bone alignment. Other than that, immobilization requires using a cast or splint and physical therapy for rehabilitation techniques.

     Physical therapy

Physical therapy to boost overall strength and normal functioning of the body in the problematic area.

     Ultrasound-guided injections

Ultrasound-guided injections are applied on the specific part of the fractured area, like soft tissues or joints in the body.

Ortho doctor tip!

After the bone fracture, being cautious is necessary. So, make sure that you take calcium 1200 to 1500 mg daily and Vitamin D 800 to 1000 IU daily. With this small and effective tip, the bone’s well-being is benefited.

Preventive measures for a bone fracture to heal faster

Regardless of the problem, it’s always essential to consider preventive measures. Doing so helps the body to overcome the problematic state and helps it get back to normal on time. You need to focus on having a healthy and well-balanced diet. There are a few high-calcium foods that should be an important part of your diet:

     Whole grains like quinoa, oats, rye, and brown rice

     A dairy products like milk, egg, and yogurt

     Beans like black beans, chickpeas, and tofu

     Vegetables like spinach, kale, and broccoli

     Nuts and seeds like flaxseed, chia seeds, and almonds

Additional tips for a bone fracture to heal faster

     You should keep yourself active all day alone.

     Incorporate weight-bearing exercises into your regime, like yoga, dancing, golf, hiking, weight training, or tai chi.

Joint Replacement Surgery Joints Knee replacement

Which are the latest developments available in knee replacement surgery?

Knee replacement technology

Medical science has advanced a lot with time. The availability of different technologies and methods has made it possible for patients to have treatment that provides better outcomes and comes with a cost-effective approach. So, if you have knee pain, then you mustn’t delay and get the supervision of the best Orthopaedic Surgeon In India to improve your well-being. In the present time, the availability of advanced and modern knee replacement treatment is gaining attention, and that’s what the blog is all about.

Latest treatment and methods in knee replacement surgery

If you have knee pain and are looking to get the same address effectively. Then the modern and inventive approach for Knee Replacement in Ludhiana is what you need to choose to improve your knee health in a better state.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery, or MIS, is one of the latest approaches available for knee replacement. The approach of MIS has made a significant change in the world of healthcare, offering the patient’s desired benefits. The minimally invasive approach uses the method of micro-incisions that provide significant benefits to the patients. Some of the major benefits of MIS are:
Shorter hospital stay
Reduce pain
Quick recovery
Less worry about scarring
Get back to daily life on time
Improved aesthetics
Significant reduction in readmission rate
Makes the overall quality of life better

TKA (Total Knee Arthroplasty)

TKA is another effective approach that works effectively against osteoarthritis. Through TKA, there has been an evident benefit of overall functional improvement and high satisfaction through the surgery. So, it’s right to say that the choice of an advanced approach with the option of computer-assisted technology offers effective results in the end.

Bringing in better results with robotic knee replacement surgery

Who would have thought that knee replacement would be possible with a robotic approach? No doubt it’s not the robot that’s doing the procedure. It’s actually the robotic-assisted device that’s used by the surgeon to perform the surgery with advanced technology offering higher precision. So, when you undergo robotic knee replacement surgery, it offer various benefits like:
High precision
Better results
Advanced technology
Minimal downtime
The robotic knee replacement surgery offers appropriate balance in the soft tissues and ensures there’s the right alignment of the joint to make the overall well-being much better.

Availability of Mako robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery

The choice of mako assisted allows the surgeon to effectively see all the pins and ensure place the same on an effective spot. Additionally, it’s the intraoperative fluoro system that makes the placement accurate through the virtual method offering higher accuracy. The said method is ten times better and more effective as compared to the conventional approach.

Final word!

Knee Replacement treatments have advanced a lot, offering the patients effective and desired benefits.

orthopaedic orthopaedic doctor Orthopedic doctor

Tips for choosing best orthopedic surgeon for your ortho care health

How to choose the best orthopedic surgeon?

Every individual deserves the best healthcare practices!

Health is the greatest treasure of all, without any doubt. But as we age, there’s a need for extra effort and care to take care of yourself effectively; otherwise, the risk of health issues increases with time. Primarily our concern here is about orthopedic problems and on time looking for the best Orthopaedic Surgeon In India.

If someone plays sports or does a physically challenging task, there’s an increased risk of orthopedic problems with age. Therefore, visiting the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana on time is extremely crucial to diagnose, preventing, and treating the specific problem on time. Whether your condition requires surgical or non-surgical care, the ortho doctor can tell properly which condition is required.

5 tips to look for the best orthopedic surgeon

Tip 1: Check the ortho surgeon credentials

The orthopedic surgeon’s expertise is extremely crucial to seek the right care at the right time. The board-certified ortho surgeon needs to pass a proper examination to gain the required knowledge and have the commitment to offer the most reliable care. During training, the surgeon gets knowledge regarding the specific body part, technique type, methods used, and other essential factors to perform the surgery in an accurate manner. So, select the surgeon who has enough knowledge and experience to perform the specific procedure with utmost ease.

Tip 2: Don’t neglect the reviews

To ensure that you have selected someone experienced and skilled, it’s important to carefully see the patient reviews mentioned on the website. So, while looking for a surgeon, you need to do enough search on the web. Apart from reviews do get an idea about the:

  • Doctor’s method of giving treatment
  • Used of treatment approach
  • Overall skills
  • Clinic environment
  • Doctor’s skill

The combination of all these factors plays an imperative role in ensuring the patient seeks the desired results on time with utmost satisfaction.

Tip 3: Schedule initial consultation for a better understanding

Once you have found a list of a few good orthopedic surgeons, the next step is to carefully analyze the list. In that case, it’s much easier and more effective to plan everything. When you talk to the doctor face to face, it gives you a better idea about their treatment approach and how they answer your doubts. In case you have difficulty getting the necessary answer, then consider it as a red flag and look for someone else. Scheduling initial consultation allows you to be in a better state and seek the expertise of an experienced orthopedic surgeon.

Final word

Choosing an orthopedic surgeon is an essential part of your healthcare regime. Make the decision with a mindful approach by considering all the given factors mentioned above. Go through the website and schedule an initial consultation at the earliest.

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Get detailed supervision about the orthopedic plates for the well-being

Orthopedic bone plates for better well-being

The bone plates are an essential part of the internal fixation of fractures. The plates allow the bone through the required medical tools when somebody has a fracture. If there’s any concern about which types of plates you need, then you better get supervision from the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana.

What are the situations that require the use of bone plates

The need for bone plates is necessary in various cases. The Orthopaedic Surgeon In India checks the situation and tells when to get the same:

  • There’s a need to get the alignment restored precisely.
  • The use of screws on their own won’t be appropriate.
  • The need for load sharing needs utmost precision. A bone graft is considered an important choice if that is not possible.

Some of the body parts that won’t require them to an extreme level are:

  • Jaw & face
  • The Pelvis area includes the area around the acetabulum.
  • Around the joints area where it’s difficult for the joint to get the area surfaced suitably & it might not seem everything as even

Tension band requires specific requirements

For the plate to be in a specific state to be like the tension band, there are a few essential specifications that need to be fulfilled are:

  • Make sure the fractured bone is loaded to its area
  • The plate should be placed on the tension side
  • The tensile forces should stand well with the plate
  • It’s essential to have the proper force and compression to make everything seem better

Most common bone plating

The modes of bone plating fall into different categories, and some of the important ones to keep the structural support right are:

  • Compression Mode
  • Neutralization Mode
  • Buttress plate
  • Antiglide Plate
  • Span Plating or Bridge Plating
  • Tension Band

Choosing a plate means you need to be considerate about the shape and size of the bone. Additionally, the anatomical shape keeps everything in a better and balanced state. With every plate, there’s a need for a different screw. Depending on what sort of fracture due to have and where it’s located, take the necessary further steps. Therefore to make an informed choice, it’s essential that you get the supervision of the best ortho doctor. The doctor will even make changes based on the fracture for the right material of the fracture to make the overall bone health better.

Don’t delay and get medical assistance

The doctor’s assistance plays a crucial role in changing the entire situation for the better. If you have a fracture, then you better get medical assistance on time and get everything effectively managed. Make sure that you ask all the questions that come to your mind to make the entire journey go extremely smoothly.

Bone Health Calcium Tablets

What can you add to your diet for healthy joints and bones?

As we become older, our joints and bone health become more critical for us to take care of. It might be possible that we are dealing with significant injury and want support for faster recovery. It could also be possible that we are concerned about the probability of osteoporosis or arthritis. This is the reason why We might be seeking ways to stay healthy. Minerals, vitamins, and other supplements can play a significant role in keeping your joints and bones healthy. However, you should make sure that they are part of a very big-picture strategy that includes exercise, diet, And support from an Orthopaedic Surgeon In India. Do not hesitate to talk about this with your doctor, especially if you are thinking of trying a new supplement. There are many medical considerations, including drug interaction, that you need to consider, and you should also remember that not all over-the-counter products are worth it.

What minerals and vitamins are essential for healthy bones?

If you are consuming a nutritious diet, then you will be able to get as many nutrients as you need for healthy bones. However, as we grow older, we can buy calcium tablets online and add them to our diet to help cover all the crucial nutrients. In this blog, we will be talking about all the essential vitamins and minerals for your joint and bone health that you can get from supplements.

  • Calcium

We all know that calcium is one of the most important minerals for the health of your bones. Most of the time, we get calcium from beverages and foods such as yogurt and milk. Am Hoy was with the help of a supplement. You can get more if it is not enough, as many experts have stated that diet is the primary option to get calcium, and calcium supplements may be secondary if your diet falls short. Apart from that, it is important for your body to absorb calcium. And in this, The situation role of other bone health boosters comes in

  • Vitamin D

It helps your body to absorb calcium. Besides that, vitamin D deficiency can also lead to bone loss. We often get vitamin D from our food sources and sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency is a real problem, and you Should not neglect it. Visit your Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana for a quick check-up. Vitamin D problems especially happen for people with dark skin or older adults. In such a situation, your doctor might recommend some supplements that contain 1000 to 2000 IU.

  • Vitamin C

We all know that vitamin C plays a significant role in your immune function. Besides that, it also helps with the formation of the protein collagen. It is a crucial nutrient for bone mineralization. Vitamin C is also an exceptional supplement that you can take daily and does not suffer any side effects.

I hope this might help you to understand the importance of supplements in your diet for healthy bone and joint function. Do come to our hospital before you start any supplements for health purposes.


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A Guide On Bone Fracture Diagnosis And Treatment In Orthopedic Hospital

After having an injury, it is impossible to rule out the possibility of having a broken bone without any X-rays. Diagnosing the injury is still very complicated as the broken bones might still function. However, they are going to hurt. The best and safest course of action that you should take is to go to the doctor who will evaluate your serious injuries. This will help you receive a proper bone fracture treatment from the Orthopaedic Surgeon In India. They will help you alleviate the symptoms and position the bone to heal without any complications.

What Are The Common Signs Of Broken Bone?

In case you notice that the injury is tender and also has some bruising or swelling, then there is a good chance that the bone is fractured.

On the other hand, the non-displaced fracture describes the breaks in the bone that do not involve important bone fragment movement from their normal alignment. Typically you will experience a displaced fracture when the broken bone ends move out of their normal positions. There are also some cases where you might notice deformity in the bone.

There is an open wound wherein the bones are actually visible in the compound fracture. In dislocation of bone, there is a change in the natural alignment of the joint, and it can render it immobile.

There are also some cases where the nearby bones break when there is a dislocation in the joint. It also tears the tendons that are around the joints. In such a situation, we highly recommend you to visit Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana for surgery if you need to restore function and mobility.

One of the most severe fractures is a comminuted fracture in which the bones break into many pieces. If this happens, you will experience a slight gravel-like texture beneath the skin, known as crepitus.

Another very severe fracture is intra-articular. It generally happens when the fracture begins at the end of the bone, and it also includes the joint in them. It can further lead to post-traumatic arthritis even if you try to treat the fracture appropriately.

When Should You Go To An Orthopedic Doctor?

Generally, orthopaedic doctors provide facilities for bone fracture treatment, and you can easily visit them by booking an appointment. With the availability of most health insurance, we highly recommend you to go to an individual doctor instead of an emergency room as it is less expensive.

However, in case you notice any deformity in the joint or bone. Or if you have an open wound, immobility, visible bones, paleness of the limb, intense pain or tingling or numbness. Then it would be best if you went to the hospital for emergency care.


Having non-displaced fractures often requires immobilization in order to provide them with proper healing. The doctors must reduce the Displaced fractures and return them to their normal positions. This process will help them restore appropriate alignment. If you have Displaced, comminuted, and intra-articular fractures, you might have to undergo surgery and internal fixation services. They conduct this with the help of plates, screws, rods and other fixation devices.


Back Pain

What Is Low Back Pain, Its Common Symptoms, Causes And Treatment?

What Is Low Back Pain?

The low back or the lumbar spine is the area where the bones, joints, ligaments, nerves and muscles interlink together in order to give support to the upper body. Besides that, it also provides flexibility to the body, such as twisting, bending, walking and controlling all kinds of leg movements. It also performs the necessary functions of locomotion in the body.

However, there might come a time in an individual’s life when they might experience slight to severe low back pain at one point. Visit an Orthopaedic Hospital in Punjab to diagnose and treat the issue accordingly.

In this blog, we will focus on the symptoms, causes and treatment of lower back pain.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of Lower Back Pain?

If you can identify the signs and symptoms of lower back pain, it might help the Ortho surgeon in Punjab find the real cause of the pain. This process allows them to treat the issues quickly without any difficulty.

The common symptoms of low back pain vary from dull aching pain in the lumbar spine or lower back to a burning sensation with pain that spreads to the thighs into the feet and legs.

The pain that most people feel when they perform a heavy exercise or when they experience an injury to the disc, muscles or ligaments for a very short period of time. Then they might have acute lower back pain. In case the pain prolongs for over a month or so, then the doctor will diagnose it as chronic.

In case you have experienced severe pain post an injury, we highly recommend you to consult the Best Ortho Doctor in Punjab as it might worsen with time if left untreated.

Sciatica Or Muscle Pain?

Sciatica is basically a nerve pain that starts in the lower back, and after that, it travels down to the leg via the buttocks. In most cases of sciatica, the patient experiences pain only on one side of the body. Besides that, they might also feel weakness and numbness in the back of the leg and face trouble while changing postures.

What Are The Causes Of Back Pain?

There are various reasons to experience lower back pain. However, the most common include:

  1. Strenuous workout regime that might often damage the muscles.
  2. Having a bad posture for a very long period of time.
  3. Undergoing any sudden fall or having an injury to the lower back.
  4. Working in any job requires extreme physical activity, especially if it places too much pressure on your lower back.
  5. If you sit in a place for hours without getting up and taking a break in between for some movements.
  6. If you are overdoing heavy lifting.
  7. Slouching
  8. Exercising after a long period of time of inactivity can also often lead to acute low back pain.

On the other hand, chronic low back pain is a problem due to some issue in the joint, disc or the affected nerve. Some of the causes of chronic low back pain include:

  1. Degenerative disc diseases
  2. Facet joint dysfunction
  3. Lumbar herniated disc
  4. Deformity
  5. Compressed fracture
  6. Spondylolisthesis


hip replacement surgery

A detailed guide to taking proper care of yourself after hip replacement

Recovery after hip replacement surgery

Undergoing surgery means taking good care of yourself. Otherwise, the results are not fruitful in the way you want. In case you have undergone Hip Replacement Surgery in Ludhiana, you must take proper care so that your body recovers like normal. Ideally, you need to give yourself a few weeks or months to recover from a hip replacement. Surgery aims to help the hip joint get its normal functioning back.

When you visit the Ortho Hospital in Ludhiana, the surgery requires removing the hip joint, sawing the femur head & hollowing the natural socket with the new head. The socket needs proper placement in the pelvis and artificial joint into the respective sections – Cup and stem. The choice of hip replacement is an essential consideration to improve overall functionality.

What happens after hip replacement surgery?

Hip replacement surgery is an essential procedure. After the surgery, you are under the effect of anesthesia. A triangle-shaped pillow between the legs is kept to make the position right. The wound is properly dressed.

You will feel a sensation in your leg after 1 hour. You need to take some medications to reduce the severity of the pain. Make sure that you exercise properly after the surgery to help your hip regain strength.

How is the routine after getting discharged from the hospital?

For every person, the recovery varies a lot. The timeline for recovery varies depending on weight, age, physical health, and damage. You need to take proper care after recovery and do things the way your surgeon has told you. Please use the walking aids as suggested by the surgeon. And do take into account all the other suggestions. The small things are crucial for success.

How to manage your home for recovery?

You need to manage your home in every possible bit. You must exercise and do all other activities as told by the doctor. Post-discharge care is indeed essential for successful results. The full recovery after hip replacement surgery takes time like:

  • After the hip replacement surgery, it’s normal to feel fatigue and tiredness. Additionally, you need to adjust everything to get things resolved. It takes around six weeks for you to resolve tiredness.

  • Make sure to follow the exercise suggested by your physiotherapist. Exercise at least 3 to 4 times a day. It’s better to make this habit last six weeks to strengthen the muscles and help offer joint support.

  • Swelling takes months to resolve. But, if you notice getting it worse, then consult the doctor right away.

  • Take help from your loved ones to do activities like cooking, cleaning, bathing, and running errands.

How soon can I get back to my daily regime after hip surgery?

6 weeks after surgery

3 months after surgery

6 months after surgery

  • Swimming (not breaststroke)

  • Water aerobics

  • Gentle exercise bike

  • Driving

  • Gentle jogging

  • Cycling

  • Swimming (breaststroke)

  • Aerobics

  • Bowls

  • Manual work

  • Gentle gardening

  • Racket sports

  • Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates

  • Lifting weights


What are the 5 most effective ways to manage arthritis problems?

Arthritis Treatment Includes Proper Management

Arthritis is one of the most common problems that occur with age. No doubt, how common the condition is, you can follow some tips for its management. Along with your Arthritis Treatment In Ludhiana, you should follow some self-management tips that help the symptoms to get down and give you utmost relief. And when you do that, it helps the body return to its proper working state. With the right tactics and methods, it gets easier to balance your chronic condition from getting any worse. Otherwise, diabetes, heart disease, or obesity may be possible.

5 strike: Effective ways to manage arthritis

Even when you visit the Orthopedic Surgeon in Ludhiana, he will suggest you follow the tips given below. So, let’s explore them one by one.

  • Understand the new self-management skills

When you have a health issue, it’s essential to change your routine and try new things which are beneficial for your arthritis treatment plan. When you make decisions, it improves your overall well-being. When you follow new skills, it offers several benefits like:

  • Makes easier for symptoms and pain management

  • You have better control over your health

  • Reduce stress

  • Improves your mood

  • Makes easier to do different activities and you can spend time with others

  • Make yourself active

You need to make yourself physically active. It’s important to live a life that does not include drugs, smoking, and alcohol. Excess of all these things doesn’t just increase the risk of arthritis but affects the overall health. So, it’s essential that you can be physically active, and it helps to make your joints function better. Improve overall quality of life, elevate your mood, and reduce pain. Talk to the ortho doctor about which exercises are suitable for you.

  • Talk one-to-one with an ortho doctor

Get clarity about your condition from the doctor. You need to inform the doctor about the symptoms that you have. This allows for beginning the diagnosis on time. And this way, your treatment plan won’t be delayed at any possible cost. Most importantly, it’s an essential part of minimizing the symptoms and preventing the condition from getting any worse. The doctor’s focus for your arthritis treatment is to limit pain, reduce joint damage, and improve your overall quality of life. In case you have other health concerns, then you need to tell your ortho doctor about the same.

  • Weight management reduces problems significantly

Weight management is an important choice for patients diagnosed with arthritis. When you lose weight, the stress on your knees and hips will be less. Studies have shown that when a person loses even a few kilos, joint functionality and overall health get better. You should follow a low-impact exercise regime like walking and make some changes to your diet plan.

  • Protect the joints

You have to protect your joints. Talk to the ortho doctor about the same to get better clarity.

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